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most popular breeds for family dogs

by Uneeb Khan

Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breeds for family dogs, Labs is also the most loved breed of dog in the U.S., and with great reason. “They are intelligent, gentle, and very family-friendly,” DiNardo says. “Labs are sociable and have an equal temperament. Their intelligence and willingness to please make them easy to handle.”

This breed is a great sport and family dog as they require regular exercise and are a great part of busy families that allow the dog to run around. Arizona Birds   Make sure you keep your energetic Lab well-nourished by feeding him a nutritious diet, such as Taste of the Wild High Prairie grain-free dog food. Arizona Birds Your Lab sheds his coat throughout the year and will require regular brushing. You can fuel your Lab with a diet that is specifically designed to meet his nutritional needs by using Royal Canin Labrador Retriever dog food.


Affectionately known for its sweet and loyal nature and its affection for children, Newfoundland is considered to be one of the most loved dog breeds for children. “The breed has a natural affinity for children and takes naturally to the role of nanny dog,” DiNardo says. DiNardo. “

These large dogs require regular physical activity, including walking and swimming. The coat of the Newfoundland must be cleaned twice per week.” Maintain your large Newfoundland content with nutritious meals and delicious treats that are healthy for him, such as greenies’ regular-dental treats for dogs.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are great pets for the family. “Frenchies are affectionate, playful, smart, adaptable dogs that are good with kids,” diNardo. DiNardo. “They’re not active, but they’re perfect for families seeking a dog that is comfortable with a daily stroll. They shed very little and require cleaning once per week.” It is possible to aid your French Bulldog’s strong muscles and healthy digestion by feeding them the Royal Canin French Bulldog dry dog food.

Golden Retriever

Another dog breed that is popular with children, the smart, friendly, and devoted Golden Retriever makes a perfect family pet. “Goldens are very sociable and people-oriented,” DiNardo says. “They’re excellent with children and are eager to delight. More

They are energetic and have a high level, and will thrive in a lively family.” Make sure that your active Golden gets enough nutrition by feeding her nutritious meals like the American Journey’s chicken and Brown Rice recipe pet food which is packed with healthy ingredients that will keep your pup fueled for all of their daily adventures.


Beagles are lovable, easygoing, and happy dogs that make an excellent choice for a dog breed that children can enjoy. “They’re good with children and other dogs, as they were bred to live in packs,” DiNardo says. DiNardo. “Beagles are lively dogs who require lots of interaction and having a yard that is fenced. They also have short, easy-to-clean coats. Can Dogs Have Popcorn Can Dogs Have Popcorn


Fun, easygoing, and affectionate with an even temperament the Pug is a wonderful dog breed for children. “They’re totally devoted to their families,” DiNardo says. “The most popular of breeds of toy dogs, Pugs are moderately active dogs who require regular exercise. 

They have a shorter coat which requires brushing at least once or twice per week to reduce shed.” As a huge toy breed that has moderately active requirements, make certain to keep your pet eating healthy, nutritious meals like Purina Pro Savor Classic Chicken for Adults from Plan and Rice entrees.

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