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EU BITS Review – Will You Feel Safe while Trading on This Platform?

by Uneeb Khan

Security remains one of the top most concerns for traders when they open their first trading account. Of course, you want to make sure that your money is going in safe hands. However, what metrics do you set to ensure that you are on the right platform? How do you make up your mind that you should sign up and continue your trading journey with a particular broker? I have a broker that I think gives you plenty of reasons to trust and you will know about it in this EU BITS review.

I will avoid trivialities at all costs while writing this review and focus specifically on features that I think make this platform suitable for those who are concerned about security while trading. So, let’s review EU BITS and see how it’s safe for you.

Your Funds Saved in Segregated Accounts

When you sign up with an online company for the purpose of trading, the first concern you have is of your money. Where will your money go when you deposit it in the account? Will it be kept safe in an account? What if the company ends up using your funds for its own daily operations or to pay the creditors? These are all possibilities and there is nothing wrong with being concerned about them. However, you can rest assured when you sign up with EU BITS that it saves your funds in segregated accounts. This means your money is not mixed with the money that belongs directly to the broker.

You will also be glad to know that the company saves your funds at only the most well-known banks that are regulated and properly audited for their services. You can always rest assured your money is in safe hands when you sign up with EU BITS.

Encryption of All Your Data

The data you provide when you sign up with the company is safe too. You have to know that the information you provide to any company online travels on the internet lines and can be intercepted by hackers. However, it becomes difficult or nearly impossible for them to get to your data when it is encrypted. That’s what happens to the information you provide when you sign up with EU BITS. This cryptocurrency broker makes sure that all your information is encrypted using the latest standards i.e. 256-bit.

This allows your information to travel safely on the internet lines. In addition to that, the information you enter when you sign up or every time you provide the company with your banking details is saved on secured servers. These servers have proper protection on them and are kept at datacenters with the latest technology for safety. You can estimate the level of safety of your data when you sign up with EU BITS from the fact that even its employees cannot access your data without authorization.

Negative Balance Protection

A bit mistake that a lot of new traders make is that they invest money in some trade, lose the trade, and get their account in negative. What it means is that they owe the broker money at the end of the day. What happens next is that when they make a deposit, the owed amount gets deducted and this comes to them as a great shock. In some cases, they would even blame the broker for scamming them, but that’s not true. I am pretty sure you will not be faced with this situation when you sign up with EU BITS because this company provides you with negative balance protection.

Final Thoughts

Safety should always be the top most concern for any individual who is thinking about trading with an online broker. When you finally find a company that you think can offer you peace of mind while trading, you shouldn’t wait too long. I think EU BITS covers the ground pretty well when it comes to security and it is definitely a good reason to sign up with this broker.

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