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What Are the Benefits of a Granny Flat?

by Uneeb Khan
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Australians looking for an opportunity to add value to their property opt for building granny flats. These flats are convenient housing units that are built near existing homes. Many families use these buildings to accommodate their aging parents or adult children. Building granny flats is a way to keep the family together and fortify financial security. It provides privacy and allows family members to stay on the same property, and a granny flat has its own entrance, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Great granny flat designs help families to get the most out of this additional dwelling unit.

Reasons to Build a Granny Flat

Increased Property Value

Building a granny flat on the property increases the property value. The house looks attractive and more people would like to buy it in the future.

Tax Depreciation Benefits 

A granny flat is a significant investment, and it brings tax benefits. Many states in Australia have introduced laws that help people maximise their savings on tax returns.

Accommodation to Senior Family Members

Granny flats help to accommodate aging family members on the same property but provide them with enough independence. It helps to save money spent on a retirement home.

Disturbance-Free Home Office 

The granny flat can become a separate workspace for people working from home. It allows people to stay out of the house and concentrate on their work without distractions.

Private Hangout

Teenagers in a family constantly look for a place to have fun. A granny flat allows them to hang out with their friends without disturbing other family members.

How Are Granny Flats Built?

The amount of space required for a granny flat depends on the design. Most people transform an existing space, like a garage, into a one-bedroom living space. However, much work is required to convert the garage into a livable space. When a part of the main building is converted into a granny flat, it remains like an attachment to the house and gives a more cohesive appearance to the property.

Detached granny flats are separate and not attached to the main house, offering more privacy. A garage conversion is an excellent alternative to a detached structure when houses lack space. The yard between the main building and the granny flat is left open or fenced.

Tips for Building Granny Flats

Access: The flat should be easily accessed by the people living there. They should be able to reach it without intruding on the privacy of those living in the main house.

Parking: People living in granny flats must have sufficient parking space for their vehicles. Having a car park makes their life easy and efficient.

Privacy: The doors and windows of the granny flats must not face the main house. Having doors and windows on the other side improves functionality and privacy.

Landscaping: Sometimes, trees and play areas or clotheslines need to be shifted to another place to accommodate the granny flat. Well-planned landscaping helps to achieve long-term success.

Builders have several granny flat designs, and homeowners can choose one that meets their requirements. The granny flat remains helpful to homeowners in several ways. Its design can easily be altered in the future to transform it into a home office or guest house. Building this flat is less expensive than building a separate home, and the construction is completed in a few days. It is a good investment and boosts the value of the property.

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