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Why You Should Secure Cryptocurrency Addresses

by Uneeb Khan

A cryptocurrency address is a unique identifier that allows users to send and receive digital currency. They are alphanumeric characters indicating the digital coins’ source and destination. You can also use the addresses for other functions, such as payments and storage of digital coins.  

Most hackers also target these addresses to steal the currencies while on transfer or target a peripheral device storing the coins or used for the currency exchanges and steal the coins from there. Besides, they are essential to the cryptocurrency and digital currency ecosystem. It is due to these unique functions that they need to be secured from attacks.  

Types of cryptocurrency addresses 

You should know different types of cryptocurrency addresses, namely public and private key addresses. The public keys are publicly available and visible on the blockchain and can be used by all internet users to send digital coins and assets. Private key addresses, just like the name, are private and only known to the address owner and nobody else. They can also be used to secure cryptocurrencies and send and receive digital assets.  

There are also other cryptocurrency addresses you should know, and they are classified under private and public cryptocurrency addresses. Some of the most common types of addresses include pay-to-public-key-hash address, which was mainly used by Bitcoin. The other type is pay-to-script-hash and wrapped SegWit addresses.  

Nowadays, most cryptocurrencies tend to have their addresses, such as Litecoin addresses, Bitcoin addresses, Dogecoin addresses, Ethereum addresses, TRON addresses, etc. Regardless of the type of address you are using, you should understand the key reasons to secure the addresses.  

Boosting private key security 

Securing cryptocurrency enables you to secure your private keys. Most cryptocurrency hackers tend to target private keys to give them access to the cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, you need to protect the private keys to protect the wallet and your cryptos. Once the private keys are safe, you can be sure nobody will defraud you easily. Even when you use other storage strategies, such as storage for a hardware wallet, you still need to protect the address.  

Private keys are one of the best ways to protect coins, especially when you buy them from different crypto exchange sites. When you withdraw the coins to your wallet, you should store them safely and secure the address. Instead of leaving them at the exchange, you need to store them in your private wallet. Leaving the cryptocurrency in the exchange leaves you vulnerable even if you use the cryptocurrency address. However, exchange sites such as Finixio AI can help you use different tools and features to protect digital assets.  

Boosting the paper wallet security 

One of the best ways to protect cryptocurrency addresses is through a paper wallet. It is an ideal alternative to protect the coins but not the most secure way. The paper wallet also has shortcomings since they do not fully secure the private key.  

If you lose the paper wallet, you will likely lose your coins. Therefore, you need to secure the cryptocurrency address to boost the security capabilities and potential of the paper wallet. Moreover, you should protect the wallet and the coins. 

Securing the cryptocurrency applications 

When dealing with or having some cryptocurrencies, you use different applications for exchange and trades. These applications can make your coins vulnerable to various hacks and attacks targeting the applications or mass users. Some of the apps that have been hacked include Exodus.  

Once the applications are hacked, the hackers can easily target the cryptocurrency addresses of various app users and then steal the coins. Therefore, securing the address secures your coins in the event of app hacking or mass hacking targeting different people and cryptocurrency users.  

Preventing identity theft 

One of the strategies cryptocurrency hackers use to attack personal wallets is to target your identity. It is much easier to create a private key whether you do it or someone does it for you. Similarly, someone else can easily create a private key using your identity. To protect your identity, you need to protect the cryptocurrency address, which can be the primary way for them to access all your private key and identity details. 

Protecting cryptocurrency from spies 

Cryptocurrencies are vulnerable due to spying from third parties. You need to secure your coins from unauthorized access and attacks by different people. The secured cryptocurrency address will protect your cryptocurrencies from third-party spies and access. Some wallets are also vulnerable to spying; hence you need to beef up the cryptocurrency addresses to protect the coins further. You need to boost the security for the hard and soft wallets, especially the web-based wallets that are mainly vulnerable to spying. Boosting the cryptocurrency address will secure the peripheral device you are using and the location.  

Another technology to protect the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is distributed ledger technology (DLT), which the miners mainly use to protect the miners and transactions. However, the DLT is visible to other miners on the platform, meaning attackers can monitor your transactions during processes such as payments and exchanges and then steal the coins.  

Benefits of securing cryptocurrency addresses 

Securing cryptocurrency addresses is beneficial for securing digital currency transactions and ensuring all transactions are secure. The address also guarantees privacy for all transactions by allowing you to send and receive digital assets without revealing your identity. The security also ensures convenience whenever you are transacting with digital assets.  


Securing the cryptocurrency address is critical for preventing third parties from spying on your transactions and eventually hacking and stealing the coins. It boosts security by securing the private key further. It also enables the security of digital wallets, such as private and paper wallets.  

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