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Which Company Makes The Toughest IPad Pro 11 Cases?

by Uneeb Khan
iPad Pro 11 Case

The iPad Pro 11-inch is a great tablet. You can get work done, watch Netflix, or play games. Plan to bring your iPad Pro with you everywhere? When you’re taking your iPad Pro on the bus, reading on the beach, or (most dangerous of all) giving it to your kids, there are times when it needs to be as safe as possible. When these things happen, you’ll need a rugged iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd generation case that can take a lot of shocks and keep water and dirt out.

What’s the best way to figure out which ruggedized iPad Pro 11 case will meet your needs when there are so many on the market? A simple search will give you infinite options. But don’t worry, case-seeker. We’ve done some of the hard work for you and picked out which companies make the strongest iPad pro 11 cases to give you the extra protection that is often necessary.

Zugu Alpha Case

The Alpha Case from Zugu is an excellent all-arounder, so we chose it as the best case for the 11-inch iPad Pro. Zugu is a well-known brand that has always made high-quality cases.

The Alpha case has a TPU shell and bumpers to keep your iPad Pro from breaking if it falls. It also protects your iPad Pro in every way, even on the sides.

The front cover is a perfect fit for the iPad Pro. There is a flap that makes it easier to open and close the case.

The built-in kickstand is what makes the Alpha case stand out, though. It gives the case 10 different viewing angles. This helps you in typing, drawing, or watching a movie while in bed.

There are also two ways to dock your Apple Pencil in the Zugu Alpha case. You can use magnets to attach it to the side or put it in the pouch on the back of the case. The back of the case is magnetic all the way around. This means you can put your iPad Pro on a fridge or other magnetic surface, and it will stay there.

The Zugu Alpha case is one of the best because it has all these great features. The only bad thing about the case is that it only comes in Black, Red, and Executive Brown. https://www.zugucase.com/products/ipad-pro-11-3rd-gen

Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis Case

The Metropolis Case from Urban Armor Gear is popular because it gives your iPad military-grade protection without making it too heavy or hard to hold. The Metropolis is a protective case made of strong materials that look pretty sleek.

The UAG case can protect your iPad Pro from drops of up to 4 feet. Which is great if it falls off your desk or out of your hands. It can also keep water out, and the back of the case has a rough surface that makes it easier to hold your tablet.

On the other hand, the front of the case is soft and made of felt. The flap on UAG’s case will keep your Apple Pencil safe. Unfortunately, the Metropolis case only comes in black, red, or blue.

Sahara Case

SaharaCase is a great way to protect your phone and make it look good at the same time. Some heavy-duty cases have an overly industrial or military design, but our Heavy-Duty Series is more elegant, with clean lines and muted colors. The high-quality case keeps dust out of the iPad Pro’s ports and buttons, and the handy hand strap can also be used as a kickstand. This iPad Pro case is a safe bet for anyone who wants a reliable, heavy-duty case for their iPad Pro.


The SUPCASE UB Pro case is here to protect the body and screen of the iPad Pro from drops and scratches.

SUPCASE is known for making cases for phones and tablets. However, with the UB Pro, things go to a new level.

It covers the whole iPad Pro, including the screen, with a thick TPU shell. There are no sharp edges here! It protects your iPad Pro and comes in two pieces you can snap together. Also, there’s a special place for your Apple Pencil.

The case has a built-in kickstand, but there are only two ways to see the screen (one typing mode and one stand mode). But if you worry about your screen getting scratched, it’s a fair trade-off for complete protection.

The SUPCASE UB Pro is a great way to protect the front and back of your iPad Pro.

Otterbox Defender

Need to improve with your gadgets? If you always drop your iPad, you need something more sturdy than most of the best iPad cases to protect it from further damage. The OtterBox Defender should do the trick. It has three layers of protection: a solid inner shell, a tough outer slipcover, and a tough inner slipcover. This case can easily handle drops, bumps, and shocks. It works great as a stand, too.

These are some of the toughest iPad Pro 11-inch 3rd-generation cases. This list has given you a place to start looking for a heavy-duty iPad Pro 11 case that will protect your iPad very well. So whether going to the sea, the mountains, or even space, you’re sure to find a rugged case that fits your needs. Even though a good case might protect your iPad Pro from scratches and the occasional drop. You might also get Apple Care Plus with it to make sure it’s also protected from accidental damage. Read More

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