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Why You Should Tip Your Furniture Delivery Person

by Uneeb Khan
Why You Should Tip Your Furniture Delivery Person

When you buy furniture or have it delivered, it’s nice to have someone help you get the furniture inside your house and then take the old furniture away from you. However, people who do this job don’t make much money, so many people wonder if they should tip them when they’re done and if so, how much? Here are some tips for tipping your furniture delivery person if you choose to do so in your state or area.

It makes their day

Should you tip a furniture delivery person? Whether you should tip a furniture delivery person depends on the circumstances. First and foremost, never forget to say thank you, that goes without saying! Beyond thanking them for doing their job in helping you with your purchase, how much to tip may depend on if they are helping carry the boxes or if they are assembling the pieces.

In either case it is customary to say thank you and offer a gratuity. The best way to offer a gratuity is to leave it in an envelope under the chair, inside one of the boxes or underneath one of the drawers where they will be sure not to miss it.

They have more power than you think

The delivery person is usually just doing his or her job, but you should still show them your gratitude. After all, they’re in a tough spot. If you’re not home when the furniture arrives and it’s too heavy for one person to carry, the driver has to wait for someone to come home and help him deliver it into the house.

Sometimes people are able to leave their phone number with the dispatcher so that someone can call them when they get home, but that doesn’t always work out. The driver also has to handle carrying your couch up some pretty steep stairs if you live on an upper floor without an elevator, which can be a difficult task as well.

Giving them a little something makes them want to do more for you

It’s an honor to work as a furniture delivery person. We’re on your home turf, and you’ve invited us in. We want to make sure you’re happy with your furniture, so there’s no better way to do that than with a little something extra. A cash tip is always appreciated if we are able to provide great service!

They get treated like crap by everyone else

Do you know how many hours of your day are spent loading and unloading furniture? The answer is a lot. It can take up to four hours just to load a truck with one delivery. That’s not including the time it takes to get back and forth from the store to your house or even the time spent unloading once they reach their destination. So, if you see that guy pulling up in your driveway with a truck full of furniture, be nice!

A little tip goes a long way

The next time your furniture is delivered, be sure to have a little cash on hand for the delivery person. They make an important contribution to the success of your home furnishings purchase and deserve a thank you. Most people don’t realize that when furniture is shipped, it’s taken apart and put back together again once it arrives at its destination.

This process can be strenuous on the furniture and a lot of work for the delivery person too. That’s why our drivers are happy to receive tips from their customers.

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