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Making Your Workstation More Adorable With A Cute Mechanical Keyboard

by Uneeb Khan

As we grow older, we begin to feel that our work style is no longer attractive or efficient. We have wasted more time in front of screens than ever before, which has led to many people developing “screen-arm” – where they become increasingly preoccupied with staying connected via computer and mobile device.

For some, this can result in stress due to overworking and understimulation. Others may develop health conditions like migraines and acid reflux disease caused by prolonged exposure to your stomach being exposed to frequent use of a screen.

If you are one of these individuals, it is important to make changes to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing. One way to do this is to adopt a new workplace style that is less reliant on technology.

You can reduce the amount of time spent online by investing in a mechanical keyboard. These types of keyboards were originally designed for typists who wanted tactile feedback when pressing down on the keys.

Since then, most manufacturers have made them into general purpose computers that appeal to both gamers and tech enthusiasts. They are very popular because they allow for easy customization!

There are several different styles brands manufacture their own unique versions of.

Test it to make sure it works properly

Before you invest in any mechanical keyboard, try out some of the ones at your local computer store or online retailer. You should be able to test them and see how they feel!

Many people begin using keyboards as their main typing tool and then purchase a more expensive model later on. Make sure that yours functions well before you spend extra money!

Some brands will include a one year warranty from the manufacturer directly on their website or through third party sites like BestKeyboardOffers.com. This way you are protected if anything happens within this period!

I recommend buying a few different models to see which ones you prefer so that you can choose the best quality for yourself.

Get a case

After investing in all of the essential computer equipment, now is time to get some extra gear. A laptop bag or backpack will do, but something that can hold your keyboard, mouse, and other small peripherals like headphones and chargers really makes sense.

If you’re looking for more depth than just a cover, look into getting a soft-sided wallet type device instead of a simple cover. These are much better insulated from daily use and travel settings and typically have additional space to store things such as cables, phones, and iPods.

Some people prefer using an old-fashioned clamshell style device over a flat screen sleeve because they feel it keeps their hands warmer due to the raised nature of the keys. Both are totally fine! It depends on what feels most comfortable to you. Just make sure to wash them regularly (no need to scrub too hard) and test out each one for any uncomfortable textures or materials before buying.

Now that your computer and phone are protected, find a place to put those somewhere close by so you don’t lose them again! If your desk doesn’t have enough room, buy a second shelf or table to attach onto yours. Or, if you already have one, try putting your new tabletop next to your current one to see which one fits best for you.

Also, invest in cord management solutions to keep everything organised.

Decide what colours you like

Choosing your keyboard style is influenced by your taste in colour. There are two main categories of mechanical keyboards — RGB or non-RGB. An RGB (or rainbow) switch design uses three switches that require different amounts of press to produce each keystroke, which gives off more vibrant colours.

These switches are typically manufactured using surface mount technology, which requires very close tolerances during manufacturing. Because of this, only high cost manufacturers have access to them.

Non-RGB designs use one switch type that works as a control, another that produces lower tone colours, and then an additional switch that produces the darker tones. These can be found anywhere, but they are not as bright nor flashy.

Most people choose either RGB or brown due to personal preference. Some even find it attractive how the colours fade into each other.

Buy stickers

Stickers are one of the greatest ways to liven up your mechanical keyboard. They can be used for just about anything! You get extra flair that you can apply to the keyboard or use separately.

There are several types of stickers you can pick from, such as word stamps, product logos, and personal messages. Most vendors offer very easy installation processes too!

Your computer technician will most likely have some leftover materials at the end of a project, so do not hesitate to grab something new while doing maintenance. Many times they are looking for new things to add them to so start shopping early!

General tips: Make sure when buying stickers to match their setting properly. If it is a professional environment, look up what companies use for consistency.

Decorate your keyboard

While mechanical keyboards are typically seen as very cool, flashy, or even cost-effective alternatives to traditional computer keyboards, one of the biggest reasons people choose them is their design. Companies create cleverly designed key switches, casings, and logos that appeal to both gamers and other users.

Many people enjoy designing and decorating their own mechanical keyboards to match their style or personal liking. Some designers make beautiful layouts and cases for their keyboards, while others add fun features like backlighting or mouse buttons!

There are many ways to customise the look of your mechanical keyboard. You can buy clear plastic covers to cover up some of the keys, which some people prefer over using stickers. Or you can get plates or trays that fit under the case to hold all of the components in place.

Some companies have made smartphone dock versions of their keyboards with additional USB ports so you can use it as an external device at times! These are particularly helpful if you need more than just computer access.

Connect your keyboard to your computer

When you get into the habit of using a new mechanical keyboard, you will eventually connect it to your laptop or desktop computer. Depending on which type of interface you have, there are several ways to connect yours!

Most laptops these days use what’s called a USB connection. This connects easily with most computers because both have an in-place socket for each other to attach onto.

Some newer laptops only have one port though, so this doesn’t apply to those ones necessarily. Luckily though, almost all desktops now have at least two ports!

Just make sure your keyboard has a usb connector built in first before looking for another one to match it up with. Some higher end keyboards have a universal back that can be attached to any kind of usb device, but not every manufacturer does that.

Program your keyboard

When you first purchase or open up your mechanical keyboard, you will notice there are several settings users have to tweak. Some of these settings are for backlighting, font size, and programmability. All of these can be adjusted either through software or directly with the device itself!

Most keyboards come pre-programmed with some sort of profile that is designed to meet the needs of the user. For example, someone who types very quickly may want larger fonts for better readability. Others might like having more vibrant colours in the lighting.

There are many free and paid apps that allow you to do this! Most use the Google Fonts website as their source for fonts so it is easy to switch out the look and feel of your keyboard. Many also offer colour schemes too!

By tinkering with the settings on your mechanical keyboard, you will find yourself using it more often and wanting to change the features and decorations.

Practice typing on it

When you first purchase or use your new mechanical keyboard, try to type as many short paragraphs as possible! This will take some time to get used to but once you do, you’ll love them.

Keyboard experts agree that the feel of each key is an important part of how well someone types on one. The tactile feel of each switch makes pressing down on individual keys more intuitive for most users.

And since these keyboards have separate switches for each letter, there are no ‘dead�’ letters like with older style membrane keyboards. All of the keys work just like they would in written form!

To really test out your new keyboard, try to type as fast as you can without looking at the screen. The faster you type the more quickly you can pick up on the nuances of the keyboard.

Some people find it helpful to press every other note twice as hard which may influence how fast you type slightly.

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