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Cracking the Instagram Growth Code: 20 Expert Tips

by Businesszag
Cracking the Instagram Growth Code: 20 Expert Tips

Attaining growth on Instagram must be your primary focus if you adopt a social media strategy for your business or brand. As millions of people on Instagram work with a purpose, you must work towards shining on Instagram to survive in the competition. This can be seamlessly done by thinking out of the box and sticking to ideas that are proven to be effective. 

Our experts have listed the top Instagram growth hacks to help you achieve the anticipated growth on Instagram. These tips are being followed by millions of people and were trusted blindly by successful people who are successful on Instagram today. 

Scroll through and ensure to inculcate each of these tips into your social media content creation and publishing. It is highly recommended to reshape the strategies according to your purpose on Instagram. 

Expert Tips To Attain Instagram Growth

1. Understand Instagram 

The primary trick to successful growth on Instagram is to understand how social media functions. Only when you understand the basics of Instagram, you will be able to curate the strategies and work accordingly. It is also important to understand the laws of the platform and stay cautious at all times without performing anything over it. 

2. Learn The Features 

Instagram is flooded with tonnes of features. Each feature has its uniqueness and the potentiality of each feature varies significantly. When you make an individual analysis of each of these features, you will be able to have a better understanding of them and make an effective decision on implementing them. 

3. Be An Observer 

Learning from successful people is important to know their efforts and success formulas. They would have faced all the hardships and crossing each hurdle would have taught them many success tricks. When you stay quiet as an observer and analyze each of their moves, you will be able to get an overview of what is being done to stay a successful person or business on Instagram. 

4. Stay Consistent 

Consistency is the key to success on Instagram. Being consistent is important to have well-performing statistics. Consistency will help you to stay on top of the feed. This will have a direct impact on your growth rate as people will be able to see your posts frequently. This will create a sense of interest among the audience to keep up with your content. This will also make them your followers which is essential for growth. 

5. Be Creative 

Creativity will help you to stand out from the crowd. People will be attracted to your ideas and they will become your followers. Your posts will get an immense reach and engagement while you are posting unique content. This is also one of the proven strategies for improving your Instagram impressions

6. Make Audience-Oriented Content

Content is the main bridge between you and your audience. Your idea behind the content and the actual content must engage your audience and the audience must be able to understand and relate with it. This will pave the way for an increase in reach and engagement in addition to an increase in followers. 

7. Keep The Content Share-Worthy 

Sharing is one of the proximate engagement tools on Instagram. If you are working to attain growth, your content should possess the quality of being shared. An increase in the share rate will have a direct impact on your followers and Instagram growth. 

8. Make An Appealing Bio 

Information on your profile will make the audience understand your purpose. Bio will help the audience understand you and will start following you if it is of use to them. Keep your profile appealing and interesting. Make a wise choice of words in the profile bio to create the best first impression. 

9. Diversify Your Ideas 

Sticking to a single idea throughout your Instagram career is not advisable. Choose varied themes and content ideas to keep the audience engaged. Staying monotonous will also make the audience bored and will not appreciate the audience engaging with your content. Work on different themes and ideas. Also, keep your content ideas different from your regular ones to avoid losing followers. 

10. Respond 

Responding to the audience is important to create a positive impression. When you are looking for Instagram growth, you must take time out of your day to respond to the comments and messages of the audience. This will create more engagement in your comments section which will pave the way for well-performing statistics. Also, more comments will urge the audience to look up to the post and your profile. 

11. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are the keywords that must be made a mandatory part of all your posts. A post without hashtags will lose its entire purpose. Using the right hashtags is equally important. General and brand hashtags can be used for your posts. General hashtags must be carefully curated to make the post fall in the eyes of more people. 

12. Use Geotags 

Geotags are the location tags for your posts. Tagging the location in your posts will increase the visibility of your content. People who are specifically searching for posts with locations will be able to find your content. Creating content from hotspots and posting them along with geotags will help you to get famous quickly and attain growth. 

13. Use The Right Captions 

Captions are vital for communicating your ideas and opinions to the audience. It is only through the captions, people will be able to understand the purpose of your content. Keep the captions short, catchy, and informative to capture the attention of the audience instantly. 

14. Post At The Right Time

Prime hours of the day are when most of the users are online. Posting at such hours of the day will make your posts popular in no time. Also, more people will be able to view your posts and engage with them. This is highly important to show an upward trend in your Instagram growth. 

15. Collaborate 

Collaborating with famous influencers and brands will double-fold your reach. Also, you will be able to gain insights from these influencers and brands into what must be done to attain growth. Collaborations will benefit you immensely as the followers of the collaborator’s audience will be able to know you and become your followers. 

16. Open Up

Talking about issues that are of importance to the society is important. This will create a positive attitude towards you and your presence. This will also create a positive wave among the audience. There are higher chances of getting popular overnight when you talk about such issues. 

17. Show Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes is a fun way to connect with your audience. When you are showing BTS, the audience will also be able to view your efforts and your dedication to creating content. 

18. Share Reviews Of Your Customers 

Posting customer reviews are one of the best ways to make your audience understand the quality of your business and products. It will also give confidence and trust to your new customers who are hesitant to believe in online stores. 

19. Go Live Occasionally

IGTV live is an exciting feature of Instagram where you can interact with your audience and followers live. This is important because they will be eager to see the true faces of the Instagram influencer or brands. Going live will also increase your engagement rate along with reach. 

20 . Analyze The Statistics 

Statistics are one the finest tools that will help you to analyze your performance. When you are frequently monitoring your stats, you will know your performance. Knowing the performance of your Instagram is important to understand your positives and negatives. Reframing your policies can be effectively done while you keep a check on your performance. 


Now, that you have all the information handy, try your hands on each of them when you are making the next content and posting it on the platform. All of these factors are vital to attaining growth on Instagram. You can effectively restructure these tricks according to your purpose on the platform.

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