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Travel to Turkey is now easier, thanks to immigration’s announcement of an easier method for acquiring entry visas. Eligible nationals don’t need to visit an embassy; filling out applications online takes only minutes with only an email address valid at registration and an ordinary passport required; travelers from Sri Lanka can now more conveniently apply for Turkey eVisa applications that process faster than embassy applications.

E-Visa Policy And Protocols for Sri Lankan Citizens

Passport holders from Sri Lankan Administration can obtain one-entry eVisas through Turkey’s commercial website and stay for 30 days during its 180-day validity period.

before arriving in Turkey:

As advised by Immigration, travelers must apply for an e-Visa before their estimated arrival date to avoid delays and potential fines and delays.

Tourism and business visits to Turkey may both require visas; students seeking employment visas for research purposes or similar visas could directly approach the nearest Turkish embassy for approval.

Passports must contain at least one stamp and be valid for at least six months.

Personal data on the form should match up with that contained within a passport and documents supporting it, inaccuracy may lead to incorrect applications being submitted.

An applicant applying for visas must pay the applicable application fee and understand that this sum is non-refundable regardless of whether their application is approved or denied.

Travelers transiting Turkey may remain for up to 72 hours without needing an E-Visa for Turkey.

Should your visa be revoked, penalties or fines may apply in addition to possible exile or ban from Turkey.

If their e-Visa application is accepted, applicants must download and print out their document on white paper for presentation at border crossings with supporting documentation.

Turkey borders control officers are authorized to refuse entry if documents presented for entry appear suspect or are inadequate.

Sri Lankan citizens needing an e-Visa must meet specific requirements.

Your return ticket, hotel reservation, and at least a $50 USD daily budget should be prepared prior to leaving for an international adventure.

Your application requires supporting documents valid under U.K. or Irish law (such as an original visa OR an original residency permit issued from one of the Schengen Countries or USA); electronic visas cannot be accepted as valid supporting documents for your application.

I am on the road for either business or tourism reasons.

Yemen nationals may qualify for favorable visa conditions when visiting Turkey.

Turkish citizens from more than 40 countries including Yemen can obtain E-Visas through the Turkish government. No longer is an Embassy visit necessary when applying online – instead, you will get your e-Visa sooner as a Yemen citizen!

What exactly is Turkey e-Visa?

The Turkish government launched its electronic Visa system (also known as Turkey e-Visa).

Holders of the Turkey e-Visa should present it to an immigration officer at each airport they pass through and keep it secure during their trip.


As noted previously, Yemeni citizens with passports require a visa in order to travel to Turkey. Yemen requires the Turkish Visit Visa as their entry ticket into the country and can stay up to 30 days with just one entry into Turkey using an e-visa which lasts 180 days from arrival day.

Yemeni nationals can apply for a tourist visa valid for sightseeing purposes from Turkey.

Most visas do not grant their holders permission to live or conduct work in Turkey.

If you wish to travel to Turkey for more than 30 consecutive days for any reason or are planning an extended visit, it is necessary for you to apply at the Turkish Embassy in Yemen or wherever else in the world.

How can Yemen citizens apply online for a Turkey visa online?

Many people don’t realize just how straightforward and straightforward applying for a Turkey visa online via Turkey immigration services is. You should only need 20 minutes or so to fill out your online application and receive approval.

Documents required of travelers from Yemen must meet Turkish e-Visa rules in order to facilitate a quick and smooth travel experience. As such, travelers from Yemen should bring several documents along when traveling abroad:

Yemen passports should remain valid for at least six months after entering Turkey, with at least two blank pages that can be used for stamps indicating entry or exit stamps.

To apply for a visa, a valid email address is essential.

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