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Stepping aboard an air flight from Taiwan to Turkey is simple. All it requires is getting your E-visa via email and booking flights.

Are Taiwanese Required to Hold a Turkey Visa?

As the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has discontinued visa-on-arrival service, all Taiwan passport holders must possess a valid traditional or electronic visa prior to beginning their travels in Turkey.

Turks applying for electronic visas

To obtain an electronic visa for Turkey is both affordable and simple; no need to visit embassies or call officials directly – all it takes is an internet connection and following these steps:

Fill in your Turkey Visa Application Form.

Pay your visa fees using an online payment method that is both safe and secure.

Submit Your Application

The visa application form requires you to include personal, contact, and other important details about yourself such as:

Full Name, Date, and Place of Birth for Full Name.

Passport Number, Expiry Date, and Registration Date.

Contact Number for phone and Email Addresses

Make sure your contact details and active email address are listed, as you’ll receive your visa via this method.

Required Documents

In order to apply online for a visa, the following documents will be necessary.

Passport – To begin the application process for citizenship in the U.S. or to renew an existing one, make sure that it remains valid for at least six more months and that it meets current guidelines for renewal.

Email Address – Your visa will arrive by email, so make sure that the e-mail address associated with it is valid and active. This way, it will not get misplaced during the processing of your electronic visa application.

Before submitting your application, the method of payment must be determined. PayPal accounts, debit cards, or credit cards may all be accepted as methods of payment for visa fees.

Once You Meet All Requirements For A Visa After meeting all requirements for a visa, it will likely take a few days before you can obtain one. Each individual’s processing time varies accordingly and applicants should expect a delay. In general, Taiwanese passport holders typically obtain their visas within several working days.


Turkey’s government provides visas to Libyans looking to visit for any reason, be it vacation, business, or otherwise. There are two kinds of visas a Libyan may apply for standard and electronic. Traditional visas are similar to what other nations provide foreigners who wish to reside permanently within their borders.

Libyans looking to travel to Turkey need to visit the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli to apply for this visa. Unfortunately, due to Libya’s unstable political situation, many embassies don’t function as they should, and can take longer for them to communicate effectively; some nations do not even have an Embassy there whereas those that do only provide Consulates services. Therefore the best option for traveling can be applying for an electronic visa from home.

Turkey E-Visa

Citizens of Libya seeking to travel to Turkey via electronic visa are most easily able to do so by applying for one online. This visa is only valid for visits of up to 90 days within any 180-day period and does not need to be physically presented at a Turkish consular or embassy when making their application for it; rather it can be completed completely online provided all documents necessary are present to complete it successfully.

Tourist visas, also referred to as tourist cards, can often be granted instantly when possessing one of these countries’ current visas or resident permits issued to you.

US, UK, Ireland, or Schengen countries

If you hold a permit or visa issued from one of these nations, include it with your application as it will be approved by Turkish authorities.

How Libyans Can Apply for a Turkey e-Visa

Before applying for an e-visa in Libyan, make sure your laptop or smartphone is connected to a reliable internet connection. If the location you are in is insecure or experiencing connectivity issues, move somewhere safer so as to enjoy an uninterrupted connection – follow these steps below for assistance.

Visit an application for electronic visas (e-visas).

Choose your country of origin and the desired travel destination (Turkey).

Provide a valid email address and confirm it.

Fill out and submit the application form.

Attach all relevant documents pertaining to the matter.

Application fees must be paid.

Fill out this form, sit back, and receive feedback.

Upon approval of your request for travel, an electronic copy of your online visa will be generated within your application and sent directly to you – printing it and taking it with you while traveling will complete this process. Depending on its complexity and the length of time needed for processing (usually less than a week or more than two days).

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