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Turkey Visa form Hong Kong UAE and Dubai

by Junaid Awan
Turkey Visa form Hong Kong UAE and Dubai

Turkey Visa for Hong Kong Citizens.

Hong Kong citizens require a visa in order to visit Turkey for business or tourist purposes, although those traveling for leisure purposes may apply online for multiple entry visas if they meet eligibility requirements.

Do Hong Kong residents require a Visa to enter Turkey?

Certain travelers from Hong Kong require visas in order to visit Turkey. Residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, however, may enter Turkey without needing an entry visa if their stay falls between 90 days and 180 days.

Turkey Visa online for Hong Kong BNO passport holders is a multiple entry visa valid for stays up to 90 days during any six-month period, permitting multiple entries into Turkey within that timeframe, though no stay can exceed 90 days in any one stay. It allows admission multiple times; however, each stay cannot surpass this maximum duration limit of 90 days per visit.

Note that applicants from Hong Kong who wish to visit Turkey for more than 90 days for purposes other than tourism or business must apply for a Turkish visa through the Embassy.

How can I obtain a Turkey Visa in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong British Nationals and Overseas Citizens can easily apply for a Turkey visa by following three steps below:

Fill in and submit the online Turkey Visa Application form.

Make sure that you can pay the application fees for your Turkey Visa application.

Your visa for Turkey will arrive by email.

Filling out a Turkey Visa Application form is straightforward and can be completed in under two minutes. Just pay any necessary visa fees before submitting the form online for approval of your Turkey visa.

Note Ensure Hongkongers understand that the online Turkey visa procedure they can access from Hongkong is both fast and efficient; typically taking 48 hours for processing. Nonetheless, allow yourself extra time if there are any delays or complications along the way.

Tourists arriving in Hong Kong will need to provide basic information online in the form. They should fill in:

Biographical Information | Full Name, Birth Date, and Place

Nationality, Passport Details: and Date of Renewal/Expiry are as follows.

Details regarding travel: (in Turkish) Date and place of arrival into Turkey:

Travel Purpose for Turkey Its Hong Kong applicants should exercise extreme care when filling out their application for Turkey visa processing, and any errors such as inadequate information could delay processing time or disrupt travel plans.

Additionally, there are flights with at least one stop between Hong Kong and other popular Turkish destinations, such as:

Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman.

NOTE: Travelers arriving in Hong Kong must present both their valid Hong Kong BNO passport and an unaltered photocopy of their valid Turkish visa to immigration officials at the point of entry into Turkey.

Hong Kong Citizens can use Turkey entry conditions to enter into Turkey trade.

Hong Kongers entering Turkey must bring 3 documents in order to be permitted entry:

Valid Hong Kong BNO passport

Valid Turkish visa (unless exempted by EU membership )

Health documents available from Covid-19 include forms to enter Turkey, such as their Entry Application Form for Turkish Entry.

Importantly, Turkish border authorities carefully evaluate travel documents. Simply having an approved visa doesn’t guarantee entrance into the country – that decision ultimately rests with Turkish officials in charge of immigration.

Turkey Visa from UAE and Dubai

Residents and citizens from the United Arab Emirates wishing to travel to Turkey from there must ensure they meet all entry conditions, which includes obtaining the relevant Turkish visa.

Acquisition of a Turkey visa that is valid for both UAE residents and citizens is simple and straightforward. Simply apply online from Dubai or another emirate using the electronic visa process (e-Visa).

Below are the requirements for an e-Visa from Turkey:

Residents of UAE and Dubai who hold Emirati citizenship

Do Emiratis Require a Visa to Enter Turkey?

Yes, United Arab Emirates residents require a visa in order to enter Turkey.

No matter where a traveler or resident resides in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a Turkey tourist visa must be obtained before traveling. This requirement must also apply in other regions across the country.

Emirati citizens can apply for a Turkish visa without needing to go through an interview process or submit the application in person at either an Embassy or Consulate in Turkey.

Do Emiratis need a visa for Turkey?

Most Emiratis obtain an approved eVisa within 24 hours and travelers may stay up to 90 days with this visa.

Can residents of the UAE obtain an eVisa for Turkey?

UAE citizens could possibly obtain a Turkey visa online based on their citizenship status.

Nationals from a wide variety of countries may qualify to apply for the Turkish e-Visa, with UAE residents most commonly making use of its online platform to gain entry to Turkey from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates.

UAE residents eligible to apply for a Turkish e-Visa are able to secure one online at any given moment.

How to obtain an electronic visa for Turkey in the UAE.

Emirati and UAE residents can quickly obtain a tourist visa to Turkey with only a few steps.

Make sure to complete and submit an online Turkey visa application form for UAE nationals.

Pay your Turkey Visa fee online and complete the transaction.

Learn how to easily obtain a Turkish visa via email.

Turkish electronic visas can then be printed out and presented along with your valid UAE passport upon arriving at the border, expediting processing times with Priority service in less than an hour.

Turkey E-Visa Application Form for Residents and Nationals of UAE

Application for a Turkish visa can be submitted online using an application form.

Timely application processing online and application submission. Citizens and residents of UAE/Dubai require access to internet connectivity as well as mobile phone or tablet.

Dubai provides an ideal platform for obtaining Turkey visas.

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