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Senegalese looking to enter Turkish territory must first obtain a Turkey visa; now this process can be easily done online with an application for electronic visas for Senegal.

What is an e-Visa available to Senegalese nationals for travel to Turkey?

Senegal is among the nations offering electronic Turkish visas, which can be utilized both for pleasure and business travel purposes.

Senegal must submit the necessary information and travel documents prior to making a flight booking request, such as passport approval and acceptance of their visas.

Senegal citizens who hold a valid Turkey Tourist Visa can enter Turkey once and remain for up to 30 days within any 180-day period from when they first arrived in Turkey.

How do I apply for a Turkey visa as a Senegalese citizen?

All Senegalese can now consider Turkey for travel without worrying about visa requirements, thanks to a digital version that can be obtained at any time.

Steps for Turkish Online E-Visa Applications to Senegal

Are You A Senegalese Looking for an Electronic Visa to Turkey Now? Now, if you are a Senegalese citizen seeking an electronic visa to Turkey from Senegal or anywhere with access to an internet-capable device, applying online for one will allow for seamless processing and approval.

How can Senegalese applicants apply for a Turkish visa?

3. Turkey Tourist E-Visa Application Form for Senegalese

Senegalese citizens seeking an e-visa should carefully complete the online application, making sure that they provide correct details and access all data provided. Amongst others, please include in your application form:

Information for Visa Details and Processing Times. Provider Type, Processing Time, and Personal Details such as Surname and Given Name.

Birth Place Information. Please provide the date and place of your birth.

Number and Date of Passport. ; (b) Date of Travel or Arrival.

After they have submitted their details and double-checked for any inaccuracies, payment can be processed using any of the following: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer (HSBC transaction). They will then receive notification by email as soon as their money has arrived and their application is completed.

Uncertainty could cause the application process for e-visas to take longer than anticipated.

Time and Cost to Obtain an Online Visa in Turkey

Fees associated with Turkish visa applications fall into two distinct categories.

Payments must be made to the government as part of the application process. This cost depends on your nationality.

Processing Time/e-Visa to Senegal When applying for a Turkish e-visa to Senegal, applications are processed quickly and Senegalese travelers will be informed via email of their status.

Immigration officials review your application carefully before notifying the address provided of its acceptance via an email message.

GIS’ Turkey visa program offers various service packages with various prices. Keep in mind that the faster it takes and higher its price may be.

Normal service (NS): This package of services is the most sought-after among customers and the visa will arrive within 3 working days.

Urgent Visa Delivery In 24hrs we guarantee delivery.

Emergency travel visa: Senegalese residents should receive an electronic visa to Turkey within five hours.


If you plan to visit Turkey for either business or tourism reasons, an advance visa is mandatory. As of 2014, Turkey no longer allows visa-on-arrival services – meaning you must apply for it prior to booking your travel plans.

Mauritius citizens need only obtain a Turkey visa when in transit between airports; otherwise, they require a valid passport to gain entry.

Here is all you need to know about applying online for a Turkey visa:

Applying for a Turkish e-Visa from Mauritius

Applying for an electronic visa to Turkey is the best choice, as it is quick and simple. In 24 hours or less you could receive it without incurring hidden fees – provided you fulfill a few prerequisites to do so.

Fill out and submit this form to apply for a visa.

Pay your processing costs using secure online payment methods.

Submit the Application

Now it is time to wait for confirmation emails!

Required Documents Its Holders of regular passports, as well as official ones, must submit the following documents when applying for an electronic visa:

A valid passport that remains valid at least 5 years after the date of departure

Valid ID documents (credit or debit) as well as an active email address will be required in order to secure admission into any program or event.

Your personal data, including passport number and contact info, will need to be submitted along with travel plans. An electronic visa allows multiple entries within 30 days for Mauritius citizens.

Processing Times

When searching for a Turkey e-visa, there are three different options. Regular visa applications use regular processing times; urgent ones can use rush or super speedy processing times and allow for receiving the visa within 24 or 5 hours in both cases.

Keep in mind that expedited visa applications require additional costs according to their length of validity.

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