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Turkey Visa For Philippines And Pakistan Citizens

by Junaid Awan


Philippine citizens can apply for Turkish Visas when traveling on business or tourism-related trips. This could include traveling to Turkey’s popular tourist spots, gathering with family or friends, attending trade shows or conferences, gathering for gatherings or celebrations, and enjoying holidays there.

An eVisa permits travelers to stay for no more than 30 days in one visit; its validity can extend up to 180 days; Philippine citizens can apply for one-time entry eVisas that permit one entry only; holders cannot stay longer than 30 days with each visa; in case they wish to extend their stay they should inform authorities at least 14 days in advance.

Who May Apply?

Citizens of the Philippines can apply for an electronic visa anytime before embarking on their flight, including prior to departing for another destination. There are a few criteria they must fulfill including:

Travelers to the Philippines are required to possess an active passport valid for at least 150 days and with two blank pages.

Travelers require proof of their hotel reservations.

Travelers to Turkey must bring sufficient funds for their stay – the minimum daily budget should cover US50 dollars.

Travelers need an active credit card in order to pay visa charges.

An email address that can receive notifications regarding visa-related information as well as electronic visa applications must also be provided in order for us to process them properly.

Process Time of an Application for a Turkey Visa: 3-6 Weeks.

All basic eVisa applications are typically processed within three working days and should arrive in your mailbox as early as 24 hours after processing begins. Applications submitted urgently may be processed nearly instantly, with any outstanding issues typically being addressed within 30 minutes, with a visa being issued thereafter.

Who may apply to obtain an e-Visa?

Regular passport holders need an electronic Visa before traveling into Turkey with other necessary travel documents, while official passport holders such as diplomatic, services, or officials do not require one if their stay exceeds 30 days. Philippines nationals traveling for tourism or business reasons require an eVisa for travel into Turkey.


Before applying for an eVisa in Turkey, it is crucial that all the following requirements are fulfilled.

Below are the documents and details you must submit with your completed visa application form.

Your passport contains a Bio page; take a scan of this to share.

Credit and PayPal accounts must be provided as means for paying online visa charges.

Please find below information regarding the validity of a UK, USA, Ireland, and Schengen Visa/residence card issued for your country.

Applicant’s Full Name and Contact Info, Date of Birth, Arrival Date, and Passport Issue/Expiration Date are required in order to apply.

Choose Processing Time.

Turkish E Visa Validity:

A Turkish visa is valid for 180 days from its issue date, which can be determined by filling in your travel date on your application form. Please be mindful when providing this date so as to prevent issues later. It is a single-entry visa allowing travelers to remain in Turkey for up to 30 days at any given time.

How Can Pakistanis Apply for a Turkey Visa?

Travelers from 104 countries – including Pakistan – can now apply online for an electronic visa at our website, quickly. Filling out the Turkey visa application forms available there can expedite this process quickly. All fields must be completed, support documents provided as necessary and visa fees paid by either Visa, MasterCard, or Union Pay credit/debit cards issued to payees are acceptable payment methods for visa fees.

How Can I Complete the Visa Application Form?

There are various sections available under visa.

The initial question requires basic applicant information: your full name, surname, date, and place of birth as well as other essential data such as residential address email address mobile phone numbers, etc.

Pakistani travelers may also need to provide passport-related details, including their number, issue date, and expiry date. Furthermore, health and security questions will likely need to be answered as well.

Paying Visa Fees:

Once you’ve filled out and submitted your Turkey visa form, the next step should be paying your visa fees. This can be accomplished using any debit or credit card accepted by Visa and MasterCard services as well as PayPal if possible – the exact amount depends upon what kind of visa is needed – whether urgent or regular.

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