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The Top Screen Protectors for the Apple iPhone 14

by Uneeb Khan

An iPhone’s screen often does not have a cover. To put it another way, they don’t truly keep them safe. Many iPhone cases have bumpers that will protect the screen from damage if you drop your phone, but the glass will probably break if you drop your phone on a hard surface or bang it into something by accident. A screen protector is made specifically for situations like this.

Use a screen protector, which is a thin piece of engineer glass, to prevent scratches or cracks on your iPhone’s display. However, it’s crucial to remember that the cost of an iPhone screen protector might vary considerably. Every screen protector promotes better technology and increased functionality, which is the cause of this.

What to Look For

How much of the screen does it take up? Unfortunately, because of the notch, certain iPhone screen protectors do not completely cover the screen. If there is a cutout for the front camera system, it is more prone to scratches.

The manufactured glass in more expensive screen protectors frequently has additional features including glare and privacy shielding as well as an antimicrobial coating. The number of functions a screen protector offers is typically inversely correlated with price increases.

Devices and the assembly sets that go with them:

Making ensuring your smartphone’s screen protector is aligned correctly and has no bubbles underneath is the most nerve-racking portion of the process. Although the vast majority of screen protectors come with installation kits, you may pay a small fee at select electronics stores to have someone else apply it for you if you’re still hesitant about doing it yourself.

Can a screen protector for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro be used together?

The simple answer is “possible,” although we do suggest using a screen protector built especially for your model of iPhone.

The displays of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are confused with one another since they both have 6.1-inch screens, but their dimensions differ significantly; the Pro’s screen is a little bit higher and wider. Therefore, a screen protector made for the iPhone 14 should still work with the iPhone 14 Pro, however, we still suggest buying protection made for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Following the same logic are the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both “displays” measure 6.7 inches in diameter, although one is slightly bigger than the other. For the greatest fit, you should get a display that is specifically designed for your model of iPhone.

The Top Screen Shields for the iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 Screen Protector with Optic+ Nano Glass

The Optic+ Nano-Glass screen protector was created especially for the Apple iPhone 14 and delivers a high level of protection thanks to its nanometer-thin hybrid film/tempered glass technology. Your screen protector’s oleophobic coating helps shield it from unwelcome fingerprint smudges.


An innovative material called Optic+ Nano-Glass successfully combines the adaptability and slimness of film with the rigidity and durability of tempered glass screen protectors.

Due to the sandwiching of a layer of tempered glass between two layers of flexible film, Optic+ Nano-Glass is a multi-layer material with extraordinary durability and flexibility.

When you buy an Optic+ Nano-Glass screen protector, you can be sure that the protector’s ability to deflect impact will protect your device’s display from harm brought on by scratches, scuffs, and drops.

Unrestricted Viewing Experience

The multi-layer glass and film composition that responds much like the screen on your phone ensures that every touch is translated perfectly for a faultless touchscreen experience. This screen protector has an optical transparency of 99.9%, making it almost invisible.

What to expect from the package

Scratch-free cleaning rags,

an Optic+ Nano-Glass screen protector for the Apple iPhone 14

Getting Rid of Dust Stickers

Procedures are easy to comprehend and apply. Instructions

Screen Protective Film for Nano-Glass

Our Nano-Glass Screen Protectors’ multi-layer design offers optimum security without losing clarity or the benefit of an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprints.

Due to its design, Nano-multilayer Glass is more flexible than traditional slate-style tempered glass screen protectors, which lowers the risk of cracks and splinters.

For the iPhone 14, BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector

Exclusive Nano Glass AirGlass from BROTECT It is more flexible than any other glass protector now on the market, despite being 2 times smaller and lighter than rival tempered glass protectors.

Due to its Ultra-Light features and High-Transparency, it retains touch-screen and multi-touch sensitivity while offering a clear, undistorted image of the display. Grime and fingerprints are less likely to leave unattractive stains thanks to the additional Anti-Fingerprint layer. On your Apple iPhone 14, the adhesive backing ensures a quick and bubble-free installation. To allow for some displays’ curved edges, some of our protectors are purposely made just a bit smaller than the screens.

The BROTECT AirGlass Glass Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone 14 includes a Polishing Cloth, Alcohol Wipe, and Alignment Tool.

iPhone 14 Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Our nanometer-thin film is the foundation of the Optic+ Anti-Glare screen protector, which provides outstanding protection and is specifically created for the Apple iPhone 14. The Anti-Glare coating helps you see the screen well even in bright sunshine or indoor lighting.

Your screen protector’s oleophobic coating helps shield it from unwelcome fingerprint smudges.


Reflections and glare are significantly reduced by Optic+ Anti-Glare. The matte coating, which absorbs and refocuses light, helps a device’s display be less damaged by direct sunlight or other harsh lights.

Screen protectors made of Optic+ Anti-Glare are shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant, making them perfect for use outside. The farm, the golf course, the lake, and other places like that are included in this.

Unrestricted Watching Fun

Your touches are translated exactly for a flawless touchscreen experience thanks to the Anti-Glare film’s precision touch sensitivity, which reacts very similarly to the screen on your phone.

Apple iPhone 14 Optic+ Anti-Glare Screen Protector Cloth for Polishing Anti-Smear Wipes are included in the package.

Getting Rid of Dust Stickers

Instructional guide

anti-reflective coatings for glass screen protectors

An anti-glare screen protector is made up of several layers and a variety of materials. The screen protector is composed of PET, which offers durability, transparency, and impact and scratch resistance.

The Nano-Texture layer, which is also known as “Matte,” “AR,” or “Anti-Glare,” reduces the amount of light reflected from your screen, making the image easier to read in bright sunshine.

The silicon-based, non-toxic adhesive makes the protection adhere firmly and come off without leaving any residue.

6x Savvies SU75 screen protector for the iPhone 14

For the Apple iPhone 14, the Savvies SU75 UltraClear Screen Protector adds a practically invisible layer of superior anti-scratch defence.

Very Transparent

The high level of transparency of our screen protector maintains the sharpness and clarity of your display while allowing colours to stay true to life.

Compatibility with touch screens

The multi-touch capabilities and touch sensitivity of your device are maintained with this screen protector.

Outstanding Adhesion

An original silicon adhesive is assumed to be simple to use and to hold for a long time. To allow for some displays’ curved edges, some of our protectors are purposely made just a bit smaller than the screens.

Savvy SU75 Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 14 with Application Kit, Instructions, Polishing Cloth, Alcohol Wipe, and Alignment Kit

Don’t have an iPhone? Please feel free to click this link to view our selection of premium screen protectors for different brands.

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