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What is GB WhatsApp’s most recent or current version?

by Uneeb Khan

The official version of GB WhatsApp, which was released on December 26, 2022, is the most recent and current version. Additionally, its prior version, 9.50, was updated a few weeks prior to the most recent version’s release date. Additionally, FouadMODS does not update GB WhatsApp in any particular order or flow. Because, aside from FouadMODS, there are too many developers who produce WhatsApp MODS. However, this developer continues to be consistent and releases monthly updates with new and improved features

The most recent version of GB WhatsApp, v9.52, has been developed by FouadMODS and includes numerous new customization options and features. Additionally, this developer has accomplished a truly amazing feat. Unlike some previous versions of GB WhatsApp, you won’t see as many pop-ups for developer social accounts to follow. The most recent version of GB WhatsApp, v9.52, has many bugs and security fixes, which is a good sign for this version. Let me demonstrate the changelog for the most recent version of GB WhatsApp, v9.52.

The most recent version of GB WhatsApp, v9.52, has been updated to address all known issues and bugs. When you use it on your Android, you’ll feel the incredible speed. But because it has more features and is now stronger than ever, you may experience lag if you use it on a low-end phone. Now, permit me to continue responding to additional GBWhatsApp-related inquiries.

How can you avoid temporarily being banned from using GBWhatsApp?

In the past, GB WhatsApp users were prohibited from using the app for six, twelve, twenty-four, forty-eight, and seventy-two hours, respectively. Even some users were permanently banned if they continued to use it after the 72-hour restriction. Additionally, users are unable to use their WhatsApp accounts until the ban is lifted. Users are experiencing this issue as a result of Whatsapp Inc.’s decision to begin banning the MOD application that makes use of their APIs. The WhatsApp API is used by all MOD versions of WhatsApp, including WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and others, to run their applications and incorporate messaging capabilities.

However, in the most recent update to GB WhatsApp v9.52, the developer has successfully implemented the Anti-Ban and enhanced security. Additionally, the developer claims that it is working flawlessly and that the user will not be banned. However, users should take certain steps to avoid being banned. To avoid a temporary ban from using GB Whatsapp, follow these steps:

Step One: First, delete all of the WhatsApp data that is installed on your Android phone. Go to its app information and click the Clear Data button to accomplish this.

Next Step: Uninstall WhatsApp messenger from the phone once the data has been cleared.

Step Three: Install the most recent version of GB WhatsApp (v9.52) now. You can download and install GB WhatsApp by following the above steps.

Step Four: Start it and check your mobile number once more.

Step Five: You are now free to begin using GB WhatsApp without being temporarily blocked.

If you just follow the instructions, you won’t be banned from using GB WhatsApp. After personally testing this, my GB WhatsApp has not been blocked for nearly a day. I’m using the most recent version of GB WhatsApp, v9.52, and it works for me.

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How do I upgrade my WhatsApp application to GBWhatsApp v9.52?

GB WhatsApp v9.52 can be installed with little effort. However, you can simply restore your current WhatsApp chat to GB WhatsApp from a backup. Officially, you can restore WhatsApp chat history and media with GB WhatsApp. Therefore, the steps to restore WhatsApp chats to GB WhatsApp from a backup are as follows:

Step One: On your Android phone, open WhatsApp.

Next Step: In WhatsApp Android, click on three dots from the right top.

Step Three: Tap Chats under Settings after selecting Settings.

Step Four: Chat history and backup are available under Chat settings. You must select the Chat backup option under chats in order to backup chat and media from WhatsApp and restore them to GB WhatsApp.

Step Five: The Backup button, media size, and Chat size are all displayed in Chat backup. Additionally, you can store your WhatsApp backup in Google Drive. You don’t have to do anything there because everything is perfect. However, in order to include videos in your backup, you must enable the Include Videos option in the Google Drive settings section.

Step Six: Simply tap the Backup button, wait for chat and media to appear, and then save the backup to Google Drive. The Backup will also be saved to the SD card of your Android phone. Additionally, we will restore GB WhatsApp’s data using this backup.

Step Seven: Now, download and install GB WhatsApp on your Android after uninstalling WhatsApp.

Step Eight: Open the GB WhatsApp app on your Android device and press the Agree and Continue buttons.

9th Action: The Copy WhatsApp Data button can be found at the bottom of the next tab. Simply tap on it, and it will quickly scan your Android’s backup and notify you. You will also be able to see the date and size of the backup.

Tenth Stage: After receiving notification, tap the Restore button and wait for all chats and media to be restored to GB WhatsApp. The size of the backup will affect how long it takes to restore. The restoration process will take some time if the volume is high.

11th Action: After the restoration is finished, click the Next button and register WhatsApp as usual, adding information to your profile, verifying your phone number, etc.

12th Method: You have completed the Android phone update of WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp v9.52.

Sadly, WhatsApp cannot be updated officially to GB. Furthermore, in order to update it, you must first restore your WhatsApp media and chats to GB WhatsApp from a backup. Only then can WhatsApp be upgraded to GB WhatsApp v9.52.

Can GBWhatsApp v9.52 be used safely?

You might wonder, “Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp APK v9.52?” Additionally, I estimate that ninety percent of those reading this have the same nagging doubt. Additionally, the fact that there is no official way to update WhatsApp to GB may have triggered it. Because GB WhatsApp is developed by numerous developers who are not very well-known or popular, your inquiry is 100% genuine. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone, including me, to trust them.Read more

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