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The Polymer 80 Jig and Lower – Why Choose One?

by Zeeshan Khan

If you’re in the market for an 80% lower receiver, the Polymer 80 Jig and Lower is an ideal choice. Polymer 80 is a trusted brand that offers a reliable, high-quality product that can be used to turn an unfinished lower receiver into a fully functional, ready-to-assemble firearm. With a Polymer 80 jig and lower, you’ll have all the necessary parts, tools, and instructions to quickly and easily complete your firearm build.

1) They’re Affordable

When it comes to building a gun from the ground up, there are few options that can beat the affordability of a Polymer 80 jig and lower. Polymer 80 has become a go-to for gun builders everywhere for its simple design, easy-to-use jig, and incredibly durable construction. And, even better, all of this comes at an incredibly affordable price. This makes the Polymer 80 jig and lower an ideal option for those who want to get into building their own guns without spending a fortune. And since the kit includes all the tools and components you need to complete the build, you won’t have to worry about finding extra parts or having to buy additional tools. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help you create a high-quality gun without breaking the bank.

2) They’re Customizable

One of the best features of a Polymer 80 jig and lower is its customizability. Gun builders can customize their pistol or rifle with a variety of features, including stocks, triggers, barrels, and grips. This gives gun builders the freedom to create a firearm that is perfectly suited to their individual needs. Whether you are a competitive shooter or just looking for a personal defense weapon, the Polymer 80 jig and lower gives you the ability to choose the features you need. With a wide variety of parts available from many different manufacturers, you can build your perfect firearm with ease.

3) They’re Durable

When it comes to building your own gun, it is important to consider the materials you are using. Polymer 80 Jigs and Lowers are some of the most durable on the market. The jig is made from a reinforced polymer that is designed to withstand constant use and abuse, making it perfect for gun builders. This means that you won’t have to worry about your jig wearing down quickly due to repeated use. The same goes for the lower parts, which are also constructed from an incredibly strong polymer. This combination of superior materials ensures that your gun will last for years and be able to withstand whatever rough handling it may endure. Plus, all Polymer 80 products come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

4) They’re Easy to Use

One of the main reasons that many gun builders choose the Polymer 80 jig and lower is because they’re easy to use. The jig comes with clear, step-by-step instructions, and the design of the jig ensures that everything fits together correctly. You don’t need any specialized tools, and it’s simple enough for a beginner to assemble a functional firearm in no time. In addition, the jig has been designed to make the process of milling and drilling easy. There are no complex calculations to do; all you have to do is place your components in the jig and follow the instructions.

For more experienced gun builders, the Polymer 80 jig and lower provide plenty of customization options. The jig is compatible with multiple components, including different triggers, bolt carriers, and buffers, so you can create the exact gun you want. And because the jig is adjustable, you can create custom parts and build an entirely unique firearm.

Overall, the Polymer 80 jig and lower are designed to be easy to use, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gun builder. With clear instructions and plenty of customization options, you’ll be able to build a quality firearm quickly and efficiently.

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