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Manaslu Circuit Trek – The Essential Guide

by Yasir Asif
Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is an adventurous hike through a restricted region of Nepal. It offers you a glimpse into the Himalayan landscapes, Buddhist landmarks and local area villages.

It is best to book an all-inclusive Manaslu Circuit Trek package with a travel agency that specializes in managing restricted area treks. This will ensure that you have experienced service and safety while hiking.

1. Preparation

Manaslu Circuit Trek is becoming increasingly popular among trekkers as it combines a mix of beautiful villages, breathtaking landscape, and thrilling high trekking passes. It is a difficult hike that requires physical fitness and mental hygiene. It is also important to prepare for the high altitude by drinking plenty of water and eating carbohydrates. It is also recommended to travel with a licensed guide since the area is under restricted and remote.

The best time to do the Manaslu Trek is during spring (March, April, and May) or autumn (September, October, and November). Both seasons have clear weather and stunning views of the mountains. In spring, the rhododendron forest is full of blooms and the trail is relatively less busy. In addition, the acclimatization process is easier in these seasons.

2. Equipment

Manaslu Circuit trek is a moderately challenging trekking route, but prior hiking or mountaineering expertise is not required. The most important thing is that you are in good physical and mental shape, and you have the right equipment for your trek.

This includes warm and waterproof clothing and a first aid kit with all essential medicines. Diamox tablets are highly recommended as they will help prevent altitude sickness during your Manaslu circuit trek.

The season you choose will also affect the gear you need to bring. Autumn is the best time to trek in the region as it is less prone to rains and snow. However, it can still get chilly in the higher altitudes. Winter is very cold, but it is possible to trek if you are well prepared.

3. Weather

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most pristine trekking trails in Nepal and can be quite challenging when it comes to weather conditions. However, if you know about the climate at this off-beat region and choose the right time of the year, your trip can be safe and enjoyable.

The summer heat begins to kick in from June, and casual rainfall may be observed during this month. However, the temperature is relatively mild at this time and the humidity doesn’t increase too much.

4. Altitude

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a high-altitude trekking trail. The route takes you from subtropical jungle at lower elevation through the Himalayan foothills to a challenging crossing of the Larkya Pass above 5,100m. You must prepare your body well for the change in atmosphere and oxygen level or altitude sickness may occur.

The best time to do this Manaslu circuit trek is during Autumn and Spring. This is when the views are clear and you can witness rhododendron forests in full bloom.

You must hire a porter to carry your belongings during the Manaslu circuit trek. This is highly recommended as it saves you a lot of energy while hiking. Moreover, a porter helps you acclimatize to the high-altitudes faster and more comfortably. The porters are also very familiar with the trail and can guide you better.

5. Trekking Time

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate difficulty trekking trip and beginner trekkers can do this trekking without any problem. But, they should have enough training for hiking and Lodge Overnight experience, should eat well energetic food, drink plenty of water, acclimatize properly before the trek, go with professional Guide and Porters and follow their instructions to avoid altitude sickness.

The itinerary of this trek varies and depends on your preference. For example, if you want to trek Tsum Valley with this trek then it needs an extra week.

Trekking in the restricted area like Manaslu is difficult but rewarding at the same time. Hiring a guide can help you to overcome the difficulties and complete your trek successfully. A good guide can design the perfect itinerary for you including all the views and activities that you wish to do in your tour.

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