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Can I cancel the ticket immediately after booking?

by Uneeb Khan

Qatar Airways provides convenient travel and good consumer policies. Cheap Qatar Airways Flights purchased via the Qatar Airways contact number are subject to flight cancellation and compensation regulations.

Qatar Airways allows passengers to cancel their flights promptly and get a full refund.

Qatar Airways’ ticket cancellation policy is explained here.

Terms and conditions

  • A full refund is given if a traveller cancels a non-refundable airline ticket on the US-bound route to/from Ethiopia from 7 days before departure within 24 hours.
  • Customers will be charged a penalty to rebook or get a refund for flights cancelled after 24 hours.
  • If the airline reroutes, reschedules, or cancels flights and the alternative flight doesn’t fit your requirements, you may cancel and get a full refund for a non-refundable ticket.
  • Your ticket’s pricing conditions affect whether you get a full refund. If your ticket may be cancelled, the full/partial refund depends on;
  • Route of flight.
  • Purchased ticket type.
  • Booking and cancellation times.
  • Possible fare discrepancies.
  • Fine (where applicable).
  • Alternative arrangements will be made if Qatar Airways fails to operate a flight, modifies it using the Qatar Airways Manage Booking section of the website, or has any technical difficulty that causes you to miss your next connecting flight. However, passengers may cancel and get a refund.  
  • A traveller may cancel and get a full refund if COVID-19 affects their flight.
  • Customers may only cancel tickets once.
  • Passengers may cancel their route tickets and get a refund or retain them for a year.
  • During this period, the ticket may be used for one destination or many transactions (but not for more than the initial purchase price).
  • The airline will automatically reimburse unused tickets after 12 months.

Qatar Airways tickets might be cancelled at any moment. A full refund is guaranteed for cancellations within 24 hours after booking. Otherwise, a penalty fee would be charged for a refund.

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