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Zero Latency with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

by John

The most advanced fastest network technology 5G is bringing a world of opportunities for the growth of technology because of the low latency of the network. But here an important question arises, is zero latency possible with 5G? The answer is probably not as of now. Users with fully developed 5G will be able to experience latency lower than 10 ms, but maybe in the future, we would eventually be able to achieve it.  So, now let us see if Mythical zero latency possible with 5G along with Smart 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Smart 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment.

What is the impact of network latency? In the 5G era, when network latency is applied to a remote control such as remotely driven vehicles, where a driver in one location depends on low network latency and will be able to navigate a vehicle smoothly in another location.There is a difference let’s say between 100ms and 20ms network latency when it comes to experiencing or avoiding a collision.

Network Latency

Network latency is the lag between the time required for a set of a packet of data (voice data, video data, or anything else) to travel between two points at its point of origin and arrives at its destination. Network latency is typically counted in milliseconds (ms), one thousandth (.001) of a second, which can be measured as either round trip time (RTT) – this is the time or latency it takes a packet to get from the client to the server and reverse back, or as the time to first byte (TTFB) that takes the server to accept the 1st byte of information from the client. Network latency is initiated by several factors such as the speed of the network, the available bandwidth, and the size of the transmitted data.  

In 5G technology (different from previous generations of cellular technology), latency is too short as the travel time of data between origin to destination is very little. The latency of 5G is super faster than the blink of an eye as users with a 5G network will enableusers to send and download huge amounts of data in near real-time.  The introduction of 5G with extra low latency provides high-speed data both for downloading and uploading that is possible now.

5G reduced latency opens the way to radically new experiences or applications such as multiplayer mobile gaming, virtual reality experiences, factory robots, self-driving cars,and much more. 5G low latency use cases that will enable remote and autonomous devices to operate in near-real time. Some of the real-time scenarios are as follows:

  • Smart factories with 5G low latency can react in milliseconds to find out quality issues.
  • Remote construction with 5G low latency can be able to guide robots across unsafe or difficult-to-reach sites.
  • Massive, multi-user VR experiences with 5G low latency can be achieved from group simulations to “walk-through” holograms.
  • With 5G low latency, autonomous vehicle fleets can optimize routes in near-real time.

Advantages of low latency 5G:

  • It makes browsing easier, thus improving customer experience.
  • Offers increased bandwidth.
  • 5G technology owing to low latency provides seamless transfer of data, thus improving the connectivity amongst devices.
  • It makes the process easier in terms of supporting other new-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and virtual reality.
  • A group of connected devices can communicate in a better way with low latency 5G.
  • 5G with ultra-low latency is more instantaneous communications that enable millions of connected devices to communicate 400 times faster than the blink of an eye.
  • It is more responsive, and your gameplay will be much smoother.


To avail low latency 5G, network monitoring and testing is an important factor that should be conducted frequently with full accuracy. Compared to traditional network testing methods, a non-traditional one with RantCell app is the best way to choose from. RantCell is a smartphone-based app that enhances the Quality of Experience (QoE) in terms of 5G network testing with low or reduced latency.

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