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Gelato is the rage today, customers are asking about it, marketers are promoting it, but what is gelato and how can it make you more money?

Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but it is also usually more dense and often more flavorful than traditional explanation of gelato pod American ice cream. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly gelato is nearly equivalent to traditional ice cream cost to produce but has a dramatically more gourmet consumer perception allowing you to make more profit per ounce than with other frozen deserts!

One of the other benefits of gelato is that it is far lower in fat than ice cream!

While gelato is not a “diet” product, this is a benefit that you can promote to your health conscious customers. Also, many gelato flavors are appealing to your health conscious and gourmet market, including flavors such as watermelon, lemon, blackberry, pistachio, even tiramisu. And of course your traditional ice cream favorites: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.

In the United States, ice cream needs a minimum of 10% butter fat but most ice creams have far more, with premium and super-premium ice creams containing up to 16% and 24% respectively.

In comparison, gelato has only between 4-8%!

Because gelato is so light, it is the perfect addition for any location from the neighborhood pizza parlor to a five-star restaurant. Plus, since it is so lighter and flavorful, gelato pairs well with your existing menu of wines, steaks, and pastas.

What do I need to Make Gelato?

To make gelato you will need a batch freezer such as the Stoelting VB-60, a gelato display cabinet, and serving tools including a dipping spade or scoop.

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Few Treats As Delightful As Gelato

One of the most popular desserts on the planet today is ice cream, and when you think about the Italians and ice cream combined you get the delightful Gelato to serve your taste buds. This chilled treat has been enjoyed as long as history can recall, yet there are very few reports to indicate where and when ice cream actually came about. Some believe the Italians brought about ice cream, while others feel it was the Asians that were enjoying it first. Whatever the account or truth of the matter, it is of little concern for millions of people that just want to enjoy it for what it really is. Gelato is nothing more than a wonderful cold sweet dessert.

Simple Principal

What is must be mentioned about Gelato is, that the first time it is actually recorded to be enjoyed is 200 BC. This is when the Asians were eating this cold delight, and while they themselves do not place claim to the design they still will without a doubt continue the trend of enjoying it almost weekly. Today there really does not need to be a creator of this fine dessert, as it is still adorned and appreciated worldwide. This dessert has and still does grace weddings and formal affairs, and the less fortunate as well due to its inexpensive nature can enjoy it. The original accord of this type of dessert goes back to bringing mountain ice down to villages and using various forms of sweeteners to make the Gelato possible.

A Few Different Types Of Gelato

There are actually a few different forms of Gelato that can be found in Italy, and the more popular of the two is obviously the pasteurized version. The unpasteurized version is something that the old school Gelato eaters look to enjoy; yet this is only out of familiarity. Either way you decide to enjoy this cold dessert, you will not be disappointed. While North America is very familiar with what is known as ice cream, the Italians also know this fine dessert yet by a different name. The Italians know this cold specialty as Gelato, and they are also well versed in the various flavors that can be had. Many of the fine flavors that grace the Gelato world are of the fruit variety, and the Italians have been known to use sweet wines as a form of flavor for this dessert as well.

Very Popular

What is truly great about Gelato is that it is enjoyed all over the world today. Many of the great Gelato producers in Italy have gelato print on demand company shops specifically dedicated to the making and serving of this type of ice cream. This is really no different than the North American version of the standard ice cream shop, yet the Gelato shop still manages to maintain its own distinct European flavor that sets it apart from its western counterpart. Either way you slice it, frozen desserts such as Gelato are a treat that just will not go out of style.

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