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What are the Benefits of Strobe Lighting

by Uneeb Khan
Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights are effective in many photography scenarios. The advantages of lighting with strobes include:

  1. Intense light output Strobe lighting is very effective, allowing photographers to move the light further than the object. They generally come with greater guide numbers (a standard way to measure the output of light) as opposed to speed light alternatives. The photographer can use diffusers to produce the soft lighting or feathered effect without having to be concerned about whether the output is strong enough to give the desired effects.
  2. Ability to block sunlight If you shoot outdoors, flash strobes are able to outshine the natural light of the sun, resulting in an extremely specific effect. The sky appears dark as the sun is an additional source of ambient light instead of the primary light source. The power of flash lighting is a great option in these situations to create an exciting, high-impact appearance for your photo shoot.
  3. Speed lights typically make use of AA batteries, and consequently require longer time to recharge. When you’re taking indoor photos and using studio lighting, having a fast recycle can allow you to create a number of images within a short time, which allows you to record your subject’s every move and facial expression.
  4. Duration of flash A studio flash produced by the strobe can emit a significant amount of light within a small amount of time. This is especially important when it comes to high-speed photography where the duration of the flash is the primary shutter speed.
  5. Temperature of color Speed lights usually do not have a constant temperature which could cause minor shifts in the quality of your photos. The color temperature is vital when you’re working in the field of photojournalism, where the precision in your temperature as well as the quality of light are crucial to creating a pleasing photograph.
  6. Lighting for models: Strobes typically have models lights (or model lamp) which is a continuous light source that allows the photographer to see how flash lights will look without having to make a test shot or spend lots of time measuring. This preview of lighting can aid you in determining how your photo will appear prior to taking it.

What are the disadvantages of Utilizing Strobe Lighting?

Although strobe lights are extremely powerful and flexible tools however, there are two main negatives to strobe lights:

  1. The lack of portability Strobe light kits is typically massive and heavy, which makes them difficult to carry around. In addition to the lighting kit the strobe lights require a lot of power. In order to provide enough power, studio lighting for strobes requires a large battery or connection via any AC power source, which means that you’ll typically need to have an outlet to make use of lighting strobes outside of the studio.
  2. Cost A different way to evaluate an strobe’s power and precision is the price of lighting kits for strobes.

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