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Digital Marketing Trends The Digital Know How of 2022

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Online marketing, like technology, is constantly developing. This is, so to speak, the reason why new trends emerge regularly. Currently, in terms of importance, there are audiovisual contents in any format. Interactive marketing with augmented reality is also included, as are smart marketing tools such as chatbots. Some trends of recent years are still present because they show a lot of potential. Marketing specifically tailored to mobile and social media users, as well as micromarketing in collaboration with influencers, are examples that are still relevant today.

Audiovisual content

The amount of audiovisual content circulating online has increased over time, but especially due to COVID-19. Social events are broadcast digitally, streaming services release movies online, and TikTok, for example, is full of videos related to the pandemic. This type of content is also used more frequently in online marketing to deliver information to the customer in a visual way. The following contents become more and more popular:

  • Live streams – There are plenty of people who want to watch live events. Not only in the sports sector, but also in others. For this, live streams are used. Your clients will be able to participate, in this way, in the special events that you have planned. For example, you can show or offer an inside look at the company. In the best of cases, a feeling of community is created.
  • Tutorials: The effectiveness of written manuals is proven. Despite this, structured videos showing how to use a product are being used more and more frequently. This is due to the ease of being able to understand and explain complex details.
  • 360° videos: the contents of this interactive posts video format are not only seen in one perspective, on the contrary. They have a panoramic view, which is ideal for presenting events. In addition to that, you can also use this format to show customers your products. It is ideal to make a good impression.

With regard to video design, the importance of storytelling is increasing more and more. Those companies that manage to excite their users with their audiovisual content ensure the sympathy of their customers. In this way, they manage to attract new customers.

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Websites and APM

Mobile marketing has the function of making content and its services available on mobile devices. For this reason, it is important to design all types of digital content in such a way that it can be viewed on any mobile device. Whether it’s a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, the goal is the same. This is the case for a mobile website. There are several methods to generate one, but the most common is responsive web design. You just need the right CSS or HTML code and your web page automatically adapts to the dimensions of the screen. In other words, it accommodates the corresponding size of the mobile device that the user uses at that moment. This greatly increases the ease of use.

Plus, with the help of the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework, you can reduce load times. In this way, you can increase the loading speed so that your customers can access your website faster. This is achieved in the following way: users are shown the most important elements first, such as the layout of the page. Then the subordinate or larger elements appear. Here, for example, are the images that were used on your web page.

If you opt for a proper SSL plugin as well as appropriate redirects and secure your site with a superior recovery plugin, you will indeed have room to make the most of your site.

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