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Types Of Children’s Face Masks With Their Benefits

by Uneeb Khan
childrens face masks australia

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads over the world, the usage of the mask has increased rapidly. Before that, masks were not being used generally without any specific reason. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic period, people came to understand the value of wearing masks, and they habituated it. Due to changing form of the virus and its affecting capacity, masks are being improved daily, and you can now get a variety of them in the market.

One major mistake parents sometimes make is not wearing any masks on their children. It is not like the virus wouldn’t affect the children. Rather, children are way more prone to get dust allergies as they play outside and have maximum exposure to the polluted air. So, they should also wear a mask outside or in school.

Now the question is which mask would be good for children and fit on their faces perfectly. There are a lot of varieties of children’s face masks available offline and online that you can choose for your child and purchase.

Here we have described some of them.

childrens face masks australia

childrens face masks australia

KN95 masks:

These children’s face masks are of the best quality and most effective because they filter out 95% of bacteria and other harmful particles in the air and provide fresh air to your child. They are non-fabric masks made with multiple layers of nonwoven polypropylene. They are known as non-fabric masks but have a thin, melted fabric layer. These masks have adjustable nose pins and ear loops that are latex free. Doctors highly recommend using these masks, and they are available in different sizes.

KF94 masks:

These masks are boat-like in shape when you open them. They provide extra space for the children, making them more comfortable wearing these masks. It is really hard to make the children understand the importance of wearing a mask; on top of that, if the mask is uncomfortable, they wouldn’t wear it anyway. So, buy them these masks and let them be comfortable and safe.

4C air masks:

4C air masks are tested to prevent 98.8 % of harmful air particles from entering the mask. These masks are very safe to wear and comfortable, and they can fit perfectly to 8 to 12 years ages of children.

KF94 masks:

childrens face masks australia

childrens face masks australia

You will be surprised to know that these masks can prevent 99.3 % of polluted air particles. So, as of now, these children’s face masks are considered to be the safest masks. You can order these masks for your 2 to 3 years old children.

NYC masks:

NYC face masks can block 95 % of air particles, and they consist of three layers. These masks are breathable, so children can wear them throughout their school time without any uncomfortable feeling. The masks also have funny nontoxic stickers on the outer side so that the children love to wear them.

Printed masks:

These masks provide extra protection with an extra layer added. The bottom layer is the main protective filter, and the upper fabric is an added layer on it. These masks are made with stretchable synthetic material to provide comfort and breathable fitting to children. They also absorb moisture very well, so no sweating happens inside the masks.

These masks are cut with a contour shape of the face that is down at both years and slightly up in the middle over the nose. They have adjustable nose loops and bendable ear wires. You can have these masks with infinite numbers of prints on them.

Children can wear these masks outside the schools if printed things are not allowed there, or they can choose to wear them as per their dressing colour and design.


To wear a mask for children when they are outside is important. At the same time, it is very hard to make them understand and convince them to wear masks. But, as parents, it is your task to do so. You can choose a mask as per its protection quality. However, you can also purchase masks with prints that will attract children, and it will be easy to make them wear them.

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