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Scrum Development- Pathway to Success

by Uneeb Khan
Scrum Development- Pathway to Success

The agile methodology constitutes many development techniques. Among these, Scrum Developments proves to have gained the most popularity. The aspect that makes this process stand out is its ability to prioritize customer feedback. It implements the necessary changes suggested by the customers at an early stage. This results in high-quality and customer-centric products. The success of any product is the collective effort, cooperation, and hard work of an efficient Scrum team. The Scrum Developer is a significant part of it.

This article gives you a glimpse of Scrum Developer’s roles and responsibilities and getting your own Scrum Develop certificate.

Scrum and its popularity

With the rise in the usage of the Agile methodology, Scrum has become the number one choice of growing enterprises. As a result, the demand for Scrum Developers has increased as well. This need is not just confined to the IT sector. Numerous other fields such as sales, construction, finance, and product development have also shown an interest in Scrum and its developers. It is proven to increase efficiency by up to 87%.

The key aspect of the development of any product is how less time-consuming and efficient the process is. Scrum facilitates both. It

  • fastens the development lifecycle
  • uses the feedback to improve the product quality

This ultimately leads to the delivery of the best product. The job growth as a Scrum developer is tremendous too. This is another reason to go for it.

Perks of becoming a Scrum Developer

  1. Become part of a global community- You get the chance to become a member of the international community and contribute globally. You get the opportunity to work with some excellent minds who work to perform better.
  2. Evidence to your knowledge- Gaining the certification can prove your knowledge about Scrum and related subjects. It acts as evidence that you have hands-on knowledge and that you are capable of working on any real-life project.
  3. Modifies your approach- Working with Agile opens several thinking doors for you. When you have an insight into the methodology, your approach to solving any problem changes. This change is better.
  4. You remain a part of the trend- Agile is new-age technology. It is currently in use. It broadens the scope and gives you a boost to your career.
  5. Add a badge of honor to your skillset- Working with Scrum adds another skill to your resume. Completing the course and finally achieving Scrum Developer course Objectives is the key to success.
  6. Become a team player- Scrum inculcates a sense of teamwork. Collaborating with your team, and pondering about solutions can enhance your team building. Cooperation among the team members builds trust and manages things better.
  7. Agile-based Organization- Applying the Scrum principle to your industry helps it become Agile-oriented.

Learning Objectives

1. Insight to fundamentals: Applying the learning to real-life problems and projects.

2. Make quality software: Make standard industry-level software

3. Overcome obstacles: Once you have gained enough, it becomes easy for you to solve any kind of problem that arises when working with products.

4. Object-oriented techniques: You can make object-oriented software resistant to any fault.

5. Iterative process: Since it works with a feedback loop, it saves you from extra rework. The feedback loop is a way to indulge any changes specified by the customers.

Collaborative ownership of code

CSD Certification process:

  • Training- Attend 2 days-long formal training by any Scrum alliance-approved CSD Educator
  • Assessment- Pass an assessment to prove that you have thoroughly paid attention to the course and are clear with its teachings.
  • License acceptance- Once you are done with the above steps you need to accept the license agreement sent by Scrum Alliance to become a CSD
  • Renewal of certificate- Your need to renew your certification every two years

Career path for CSD

Any Architect, business analyst, database developer, programmer, and tester can go for the Scrum Developer Certification.

After that, you can elevate yourself to CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) and then to CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach), CTC (Certified Team Coach), and CST (Certified Scrum Trainer).

CSD Curriculum

  • Introduction to Lean, Agile, and Scrum- how to measure progress, fundamentals of the subject, and how to utilize sprint backlog.
  • Collaboration- how to collaborate with your team, the difference between working with teams and groups, and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Design practice and architecture- detailed inspection of the design and architecture of the framework.
  • Conventional and Agile developments- What differences has Agile adoption made, and what are the improvements, and advantages of the new methodology
  • Agile testing approach
  • Continuous integration- it facilitates CI which is another reason behind the faster development lifecycle. It enhances collaboration.
  • Automated testing, build, and so on

All these can be learned at a reasonable cost. The Certified Scrum Developer Training Cost ranges from $900 to $1500. The renewal can be done after every two years.


Scrum Development is just another way of getting into the depths of Scrum and Agile. The course strengthens your skills in agile. Through continued practice and effort, you can achieve mastery in the field. It presents opportunities to further grow and learn more about this amazing technology. This is the future of software and product development. Try to be a part of revolutionary tech.

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