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Turkey Trade Data Including Its Major Imports and Exports

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Turkey Trade Data Including Its Major Imports and Exports

Turkey, which acts as a link between Europe and Asia, is known not only for its vibrant culture and rich history but also for its economic strength and active participation in international trade. The main imports and exports of Turkey will be examined in this article, as well as how trade data might point the way to business potential customers in this well-positioned country.

Overview of the Turkish Economy

Turkey is a country that lies on both the European and Asian Continents, with a GDP of over $840 billion. This economy stands out for its versatility, with a blend of manufacturing, agriculture, and services that support steady expansion. While the government has been concerned about inflation rates, which normally range from 10% to 15%, the government’s monetary measures are meant to maintain prices. With a workforce that is young and competent and a population that exceeds 84 million, Turkey is a valuable asset for economic growth. 

A modest level of life that is influenced by elements like income distribution and the cost of living is reflected in the GDP per capita, which is now around $10,000. To protect itself against external economic threats, Turkey keeps foreign exchange assets.As a result of its ideal location, diverse industries, and vibrant population, Turkey’s economy has a wide range of opportunities for businesses and investors looking to explore its active and expanding market.

In 2021, Turkey held a significant place in the world’s economy. It was the 19th largest economy globally when you look at its total economic output. Turkey was also a major player in international trade, ranking 28th in exports and 26th in imports. However, when we considered how well-off the average person was in Turkey, it ranked 68th, suggesting some economic inequalities. Additionally, Turkey was the 42nd most complex economy in the world, indicating that it had a diverse and multifaceted economic structure.

Major exports and imports

In terms of exports as per Turkey export data, it had a variety of products that were in high demand. Some of its top exports included cars, jewelry, refined petroleum, car parts, and delivery trucks. Cars were particularly important, generating $10 billion in export revenue. Turkey’s main trade partners included powerful economies like Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Iraq, which helped Turkey’s exports and its global economic position.

On the other hand, Turkey needed to import certain products and goods to meet its domestic demands. Its primary imports as per Turkey import data included refined petroleum, scrap iron, cars, petroleum gas, and car parts. Refined petroleum was the most significant import, costing Turkey around $10.8 billion. China was the biggest source of these imports, with Germany, Russia, the United States, and Italy also playing vital roles in Turkey’s imports. These imports were crucial for Turkey’s economy and showed the importance of its trade relationships with various countries.


In conclusion, Turkey is a desirable place for trade and investment due to its distinctive geographic setting and various economic sectors. A qualified workforce and significant imports and exports maintain the nation’s economic vitality. The secret to discovering prospective business prospects in this dynamic market is to comprehend Turkey’s trade data. Turkey continues to be a land of opportunity for individuals seeking to participate in its economy and discover new vistas because of its strategic location and growing fields.

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