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Safe And Secure THC Consumption

by Uneeb Khan

Safe And Secure THC Consumption

There are thousands of credible researches that back up the medical application of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A compound primarily responsible for the euphoric effects of marijuana to the human body. However, the appropriate consumption method is one of the most overlooked aspects of THC use. Today, there are numerous consumption solutions, ranging from the traditional smoking process to modern edible products. 

In this article, we will discuss the underlying differences between various consumption methods and seek the safest and most secure way to consume THC medically or leisurely. 


Smoking marijuana is largely known to be the most traditional method of consuming THC. However, it remains the most unregulated and harmful way of THC intake. Research shows that marijuana smoke could lead to a plethora of medical complications such as chronic bronchitis, chronic cough, phlegm production, wheeze, and acute bronchitis. 

Additionally, smoking marijuana tends to be more dangerous because it is easier to consume large doses in one sitting. Processing marijuana in its smoking form leads to discrepancies regarding quality, concentration, and dosage. As such, there is no consistency regarding how much you take in when you smoke. As a result, the medical and therapeutic benefits of THC are often offset by various health problems down the line.

Pills, Capsules, And Tablets

In stark contrast to marijuana smoking, consuming THC through pills, capsules, and tablets is perhaps the most regulated method of consumption. This is precise because these products are often manufactured by established pharmaceutical companies that are subject to various stringent standards, practices, rules, and regulations. This rather conservative method of THC medication is best suited for those who view the medical benefits of marijuana with skepticism. And those who straight out hate the idea of smoking. 

Transdermal Patches

Advancements in research and technology have allowed us to process THC with much variety and complexity. Similar to caffeine patches. THC transdermal patches also work by allowing the compound to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. This is often an attractive solution for other people who are seeking indirect methods of consuming marijuana. Additionally, transdermal patches are known for extended releases, meaning the effects are much more subdued and generally last longer. Finally, these patches are extremely easy to remove if side effects occur.


Another creative alternative to THC consumption is through edibles. THC edibles come in various forms, from THC-infused baked goods to commercial THC gummies. The former is usually part of homemade solutions to make THC consumption a lot more normal and familiar. On the other hand, companies such as Apollo are offering CBD + THC Gummies for those looking for a better method of THC intake aside from its bland and tasteless tablet form. Moreover, commercially available THC edibles also allow for a high regulation level because they are often offered in various concentrations and dosage levels. Finally. In the context of legality, THC gummies are your safest bet because recent bills such as the Federal Farm Bill have made hemp-derived products completely legal.

The emergence of various studies exploring the health benefits of THC and other hemp-derived substances has led to the rise in demand, especially among those who have historically benefited from it. As such, governments and industries are now driven to make their production a lot more safer and more regulated. Moreover, it also drives more research regarding the true nature of these compounds and how we can further develop them to make them safer for human application. Eventually, these efforts would mean that users will have better access to these products, along with its expected health benefits.



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