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New Balance Shoes: An Honest Comprehensive Review & Why You Should Buy It

by Kashif Khan

Most people would agree that our feet form an essential part of our overall health and well-being. Especially if you spend a lot of time standing, running or walking. Foot pain or other issues related to feet are widespread these days. One of the best ways to tackle such problems is to change your footwear. Proper footwear provides comfort to your feet. But the best ones, such as the New Balance shoes, not only provide comfort but also relieve foot and knee pain and provide ankle support. 

Why Are New Balance Shoes So Popular?

The universal appeal of New Balance shoes has grown in the past few decades. But what makes these shoes so unique? The answer is simple. They appeal to everyone. Everyone from presidents, NBA stars, several celebrities and local dads have adorned New Balance shoes. The main reason behind this is the fact that the brand puts comfort and performance first while creating its shoes. Thus, they become the first choice for everyone, from top-class athletes to casual sneaker wearers. 

Here’s Why You Should Buy New Balance Shoes

As mentioned earlier, shoes by New Balance do not just provide style and comfort but also help in alleviating pain. Listed below are some reasons why your footwear collection should have at least one New Balance shoe. 

Offers Something For All Feet

It makes shoes for various types of feet. It becomes the first and foremost reason as to what makes New Balance unique from other luxury or designer footwear brands. The brand does so on purpose. And has been doing this since its inception. New Balance manufactures well-constructed and durable footwear with anti-pronator modifications. Unlike other brands, its shoes are available in different widths, which makes it easy for people to find the exact right fit. 

Podiatry-Friendly Sneakers

For those who do not know, podiatry deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of sole, ankle and leg disorders. New Balance joins one of the few brands that put support and structure for the foot first before making the shoes look aesthetically pleasing. No matter how cool or stylish a shoe might look, nobody likes wearing uncomfortable footwear. 

New Balance shoes come with engineered footbeds which provide great arch support. They have ample cushioning, which makes the shoes comfortable. Thus, it helps minimise pain in the feet, ankles, knees and back. Most popular brands only focus on comfort and sole pain, but New Balance has moved a step ahead by targeting ankle, knee, and back pain as well. 

Comfort Like Never

With a deep heel cup, the New Balance shoes make the heel sit snugly, eliminating the annoying feeling of riding up as you walk or run. In doing so, it prevents the chance of unappealing, painful blisters. The rigid shank in the middle does not bend and keeps your foot in its natural shape. The highlight of these shoes is perhaps the wide toe box that does not cramp your toes. Your toes have ample room to breathe and move freely, significantly decreasing discomfort in your forefoot. 

Maximum Shock Absorption

New Balance shoes come with a structured saddle. The rubber sole shows a lot of flexibility and durability, as does the synthetic upper and cushioned collar. Because these shoes are biomechanically engineered, they offer maximum shock absorption and motion control.

Corporate Integrity

Most brands only talk about the benefits of their products and focus on making as much profit as possible while neglecting grave issues such as unfair labour and counterfeiting. On the other hand, New Balance has always fought for fair labour, even overseas and has stood up vehemently against duplicates and frauds. It has repeatedly proved corporate integrity by not making shoes for only the majority of feet sizes to cut its manufacturing costs. In addition to the usual running, walking and hiking shoes, the brand also makes footwear for feet with abnormalities, disorders, ailments and orthopaedics. 

How To Style Your New Balance Shoes

After looking at the myriad benefits of New Balance shoes, let us look at the different ways you can style them. Their increasing popularity shows that these shoes fit the trend. 

  • Wear New Balance sneakers with wide-leg or baggy pants, which are also trending these days. 
  • You can also pair them with an oversized jacket or a trench coat to achieve a clean and sleek look. 
  • Or, if you belong to those who like to set the trend instead of following one, pair your New Balance sneaker with a dress or a skirt. So you see, you can look chic and elegant from the ankle and above and maintain a relaxed and casual look with your feet. 
  • Wear the sneakers to the gym and later put on jeans and a jacket and get going for a party. 

There are umpteen ways to style your New Balance shoes, making them one of the most versatile footwear brands in the world. 


If style, comfort and quality are what you are looking for, then New Balance shoes are what you need. Loved by podiatrists and fashion gurus alike, these shoes are a must-have in your trend-setter footwear collection. 

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