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Manufacturers of car shampoo

by Uneeb Khan

In addition to some well-known brands such as Sonax, Nigrin, or Meguair’s, you can also choose from less well-known manufacturers, whose products offer no less poor cleaning power. For this purpose, you will therefore receive a brand overview from us.

How to proceed with a hand wash?

If you are now considering buying a car shampoo, you probably also intend to wash your car by hand.

Therefore, we would like to give you important tips and tricks on the subject of handwashing in the following, so that your car paint regains its old shine after washing.

First of all, it should be noted that washing vehicles on public roads may be prohibited depending on the state and municipality.

Tip: For the above-mentioned reason, we, therefore, recommend that you use a self-service box intended for vehicle washing, which many petrol stations have.

Questions and answers about car shampoo

What is the lotus effect?

The lotus effect refers to a property of the lotus flower, thanks to which its leaves can repel water. This effect is exploited, among other things, by certain car polishes. This keeps the paint clean and shiny for longer, as fewer dirt sticks.

Is it possible to make auto shampoo myself?

In principle, auto shampoo can also be produced with home remedies. However, we strongly advise against this! The reason is very simple: The chemical composition of the specially produced shampoos is not verifiable in more detail and can therefore be dangerous for the car paint.

Our advice: Buying a cheap car shampoo will most likely save you paint damage.

Are there alternatives to car shampoo?

As an alternative to car shampoo, simple shampoo or detergent can also be used. Especially when using Rinse, however, the thorough rinsing of the car after washing is particularly important, because the grease-dissolving substances in the detergent can attack the paint of the car if they are not thoroughly removed.

Can the cleaner Snow Foam also be used to care for matt varnishes?

In principle, the Product of ValetPRO can be used on varnishes of any kind, but special shampoos for matte varnishes contain additional care substances.

Is the product Meguiar’s G17748 pH-neutral?

The car shampoo has a pH value of 7.5 to 9 and is therefore pH-neutral or slightly basic.

Can the car shampoo 72985 also be used to clean the interior?

The concentrate of Nigrin is a product for the exterior care of the car and is not suitable for indoor use.

Is the shampoo also suitable for cleaning motorcycles?

Yes, the Kärcher RM 619 car shampoo can be used for cars and motorcycles alike.

Can the Sonax Wasch+Wax car shampoo also be used with a foam gun?

Yes, when buying the Sonax Wasch+Wax car shampoo, you opt for a dirt remover that can also be used with a foam gun. However, for perfect foaming, the manufacturer recommends diluting the shampoo with warm water.

How can the vehicle be cleaned with the Nxt Car Wash wash lotion?

Put 30 ml of the washing lotion Nxt Car Wash in a bucket and foam it with four liters of water. Then, take a microfiber cloth and wash your vehicle with the lotion. Then rinse it thoroughly with clear water.

Does the ALCLEAR 721AS car shampoo come with a washing glove or a microfiber cloth?

No, only the car shampoo is included in the scope of delivery. Matching wipes must be ordered separately.

What grades did the individual car shampoos receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal car shampoo test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Gold Class Shampoo by Meguiars – exemplary Internet price: 13 Euro

Second place – good: 313200 Wash & Wax by SONAX – exemplary Internet price: 6 Euro

Third place – good: Nano Line auto shampoo from INOX – exemplary Internet price: 19 Euro

Fourth place – good: 215300 XTREME from SONAX – exemplary Internet price: 9 Euro

Fifth place – good: NXT Car Wash by Meguiars – exemplary Internet price: 22 Euro

Sixth place – good: Pink Cherry Autoshampoo by Nuke Guys – exemplary Internet price: 12 Euro

Seventh place – good: 313341 Wash & Wax from SONAX – exemplary Internet price: 8 Euro

Eighth place – good: 72985 car shampoo from Nigrin – exemplary Internet price: 11 Euro

Ninth place – good: Car shampoo RM 619 from Kärcher – exemplary Internet price: 15 Euro

Tenth place – very good: Snow Foam by ValetPRO – exemplary Internet price: 13 Euro

The list shows: Of the total of 9 different manufacturers, the car shampoos are divided into 4 “very good” car shampoos and 9 “good” car shampoos. The comparison winner Gold Class Shampoo from Meguiars received the best award among all grades in the ranking and at the same time costs only 12.73 euros.

With 4 products, the car shampoo manufacturer SONAX has the most car shampoos in the comparison table for the car shampoos comparison.

How many different manufacturers were compared and graded by the editors in the car shampoo comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 13 different car shampoos from 9 manufacturers to give you the best product selection.

How much do the best car shampoos cost in the auto shampoos comparison?

The best product in the car shampoo comparison, our comparison winner 721AS from ALCLEAR, you get for 17.49 euros. However, if you don’t want to spend so much money on car shampoo, you can orient yourself to our price-performance winner 314541 from SONAX.

Which of the car shampoos is rated and described by a large number of customers?

ALCLEAR’s car shampoo is particularly well-known, as over 7288 customers gave their first impressions after the purchase and rated the 721AS from ALCLEAR.

Which car shampoos did the editors rate particularly well?

The editors have awarded the rating “VERY GOOD” several times and in particular identified the following 4 car shampoos: 721AS from ALCLEAR, 314541 from SONAX, Snow Foam from ValetPRO, and Meguiar’s G17748 from Meguiar’s

What similar items have consumers who put a car shampoo in their shopping cart still looked at?

Before buying a car shampoo, customers often inspected other car washes, snow foam and car shampoo.

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