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Know All About Metal Building Anchor Guide

by Uneeb Khan

Purchasing a metal building is a significant investment, and you don’t want it to be vulnerable to various external factors. Apart from the designing part of the metal building, integrating the metal building with the foundation is also critical for its stability.

What Metal Building Anchors are?

The building element that connects the metal structure with the foundation or base is the metal building anchor. Metal building anchors are placed into the foundation when pouring it. Anchors holding the base rail of a metal building prevent dislocation of the structure in the condition of any external force.

Anchoring metal buildings on different points improves the stability of the structure. The strategic placing of anchors can offer high integrity between the structures. The facility’s stability relies not only on the strategic placement of the anchor but also on the type of anchor you consider.

By learning about different anchor types and their uses, you can make better decisions about the anchors you will use for metal building installation.

Types of Metal Building Anchors

There are different anchor types you can use for metal building installation. But everything relies on the ground on which you plan the structure. You can consider the following anchor types most common for prefab steel structures.

Mobile Home Anchor

Often this anchor type is referred to as augers suitable for dirt or soil. Mobile home anchors are heavy-duty in design and easy to install. Besides the ease of installation, these anchor types are also highly reliable and multifunctional.

Once you fasten these anchors in the ground, they can easily hold metal buildings and prevent any structure dislocation. In the installation process, auger anchors are directly attached to a drill or screwdriver and driven into the ground.

The Phillips head of the anchor is connected to the base rail of the structure for fastening. To relocate the metal structure, you can remove the anchor by unscrewing them and reusing another location.

With better grip and hold on the ground, auger anchors are more practical for holding the structure against strong winds. Not only this, but auger-type anchors also can be used for several other types of soil.

Asphalt Anchor

Similar to the name, asphalt anchor types are suitable for asphalt grounds. Asphalt anchors are best for you if you plan a metal structure for parking. It is one of the most exclusive ways to secure metal garage structures without messing with the integrity of the asphalt configuration.

You can install these Asphalt anchors by pushing them down to the surface. Using chemically reinforced asphalts anchors can sometimes offer a creative and reliable solution to installing metal buildings on asphalt ground. These anchor types are most suitable for asphalt grounds.

Asphalt anchors come in different sizes and designs. According to the size of the structure and average weather conditions a year, you can select the design and size of the anchor type.

Reber Anchor

Rebar anchors are most common for metal building installation. Rebar anchors are suitable for installing structures on gravel or soil ground. But, there are some limitations of these anchors. Rebar anchors are not ideal for sandy areas where it is difficult for the rebar anchor to get a proper grip.

For loose soil, rebar anchors cannot provide a firm hold on the ground. In this condition, the chances of a building getting dislocated are high. It is practical to consult with metal building experts before selecting an anchor for your facility.

Concrete Anchor

Concrete anchors are preferable among all the anchor types because of their safety rating. Similar to the name, these anchor types are only for concrete-type foundations. Installation of the concrete anchor is different from other anchor types.

For example, you can directly place concrete anchors in the foundation by drilling; in another process, you can place anchors when pouring the foundation. It is not complex to install concrete anchors.There is no alternative to the stability and stronghold that concrete anchors offer. The concrete foundation is most effective for metal buildings among all foundation types. Concrete anchors are more effective in small facilities or large clear span metal buildings. In cyclone and hurricane-prone areas, you can select concrete anchor types for your prefab steel building.

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