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How to Choose the Best Aged Care Nursing Home?

by Uneeb Khan

When people age, it becomes difficult for them to manage their day-to-day needs independently. They might need constant support to remain healthy and functional. Often seniors also develop a myriad of health problems which create difficulty for family members to take care of all their needs. In such situations, an aged care nursing home is a great option where trained professionals can provide around-the-clock care to senior patients.

Carino Care near Hurstvilleis one of the most well-reputed aged care facilities and has exceptional support services. The Australian government subsidises our aged care nursing home fees where we employ a skilled team of clinical professionals and care staff to care for the residents. We are primarily dedicated to the large Chinese community in Hurstville. There are several Chinese-speaking employees on our staff to help our Chinese residents communicate their requirements easily without needing translators.

We provide various aged care services in our nursing homes ranging from complex clinical  support to mild age-related care and service needs. Our team members are always polite to the residents to ensure that they never feel out of place at our residential facility.

Strategies to Choose the Best Nursing Home for Aged Care

Every resident has a different background which makes it tricky to find a nursing home that perfectly fits their needs. Since seniors are physically and emotionally vulnerable, finding a reliable nursing home that will treat its residents with dignity and compassion is significant. Here is a suggested checklist of everything that needs to be researched before picking an aged care nursing home:

  • Medical and clinical services – First thing to consider is whether the facility can provide the specific clinical care that the person needs. If a patient has breathing problems, for example, family members should enquire about the availability of respiratory support before making any decision.
  • Location – The next thing families need to pay attention to is the location of the care facility. Most people want to remain close to their loved ones, so they prefer a nursing home in the nearby locality. Look at public transport access and ease of parking and accessing.
  • Accommodation– If possible, the family and the resident should take a tour of the facility before making their final choice. During this tour, they will be able to check all the living accommodations the nursing home provides. The resident and their family should ensure that the bathrooms are senior-friendly, living spaces are comfortable, and an essential degree of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the facility.
  • Staff – During the tour of the facility, residents and families should also make it a point to communicate with the staff. This will give them an idea about how the place operates and the way the staff speak to and treat the residents.
  • Community activities – Just because a person is ageing does not mean they deserve to be cut off from the world and just stuck in a room. Families should ensure that the nursing home they choose has some community spaces and activity programs for the seniors. These are very important to keep the residents in good spirits and maintain good mental health.
  • Security – Since families entrust their loved ones to a nursing home, they must ensure that this facility’s premises are well-secured.
  • Visitors – Most nursing homes are keen to encourage family members to visit their residents. It is crucial to check these visitor’s guidelines for visiting hours to maintain contact with their loved ones and check up on their health and well-being at the care facility.

After checking all these points, the family and the residents should decide on their nursing home choice. Even after that, they must still be careful and thoroughly read the care facility’s contract. This contract has all the details about aged care nursing home fees and the legal liability of the care providers which makes it a crucial document. Once both parties are happy with all the contract clauses, it should be signed to finalise the deal.

At Carino Care, we understand our residents and their family’s need of trust. So, we will  maintain complete transparency about all our services, fees, and requirements. Go to our official website if you want to see more about our facilities in the Hurstville area. To know more, call us on 0455 682 881 or email us at inquiries@carino.care.

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