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How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes | Why You Need Them

by Uneeb Khan
How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes (1)

Did you know that some businesses see a 19% increase in sales after launching an Instagram marketing campaign? And, according to a study by Statistica, the number of users on Instagram is expected to double by 2020. No wonder more and more brands are investing time and resources into this platform! A successful Instagram marketing campaign involves creating posts that stand out from all the noise but also reflect your brand identity. This is why getting more followers and likes is essential for any business that uses this platform as part of its digital marketing strategy.

Why is Instagram Marketing so Important?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, with over 700 million users worldwide. More than 80% of these users are under 35 years of age and they spend an average of 55 minutes a day on the app. Most importantly, Instagram advertising revenues are predicted to reach $9 billion in 2020, which is almost 5 times more than what it was in 2017.

And these are just a few of the reasons why Instagram marketing is so important for your brand. Instagram has become the new go-to social network for visual content. It has become the breeding ground for photographers, artists, influencers, and brands to showcase their visual content. As the platform evolves, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to leverage the platform for their marketing campaigns. A lot of businesses are now shifting their focus from traditional social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Instagram.

Get more followers organically

Even though you can buy Instagram followers, it is best to get them organically. It is crucial to understand that these followers are real people with genuine profiles. For them to follow you back, they must find your content interesting and valuable. For this to happen, you need to make your posts as engaging as they can be. Make sure your images and videos are high-quality. Include catchy and attention-grabbing captions and make sure to use the right hashtags. For you to gain a larger reach and engage your audience, your posts need to be visible and discoverable. Use hashtags related to your brand or product, but avoid using too many hashtags as this could result in being hidden.

How to get more followers on Instagram

Create engaging posts: Engaging posts are those that encourage feedback from your followers. You can do this by asking questions, hosting polls, or giving advice. Whatever it is, make sure you are getting your followers to engage with your posts.

Use the right filters: Using the right Instagram filters can make your images stand out from the rest. Experiment with different filters and find out which ones work best for your brand and posts.

Use the right hashtags: The right hashtags can help you get more followers on Instagram. The trick here is to find hashtags that are relevant to your content but are not too popular.

Post at the right times: There is no specific rule as to when you should post on Instagram. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to make sure your post gets the right attention.

buy Instagram followers from trusted sites

There are a few websites that sell Instagram followers, but you should be careful with who you buy from.

Always look for reliable review sites like idigic that list these sites and read reviews from customers who have bought from these sites. Avoid sites that guarantee you, followers. Getting real followers is much better than getting fake ones.

Make sure the site is secure and has a money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong. If you are looking to buy followers, make sure you buy from a reputable site. Follow the tips above to make sure you are getting real followers that are interested in your content.


Creating high-quality content is essential for any Instagram marketing campaign. However, it is not enough to have great content if it doesn’t get seen by your followers. Getting more followers on Instagram is key to having your content seen by a larger audience. Once you have a larger following, you can also increase your likes and engagement as users will see your content more often. To get the most out of Instagram, you need to put in the time and effort to create engaging content that your followers like and want to engage with. This is one of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram.

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