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4 Tips for Doing Spring Cleaning Without Getting Intoxicated

by Uneeb Khan
Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming, and like every year the big cleaning of your interior is scheduled. Dust, soil, limestone deposits… so many household products to use! What if this year you did this cleaning without getting intoxicated? Discover these simple tips to implement, for a healthy and clean home, while preserving your health.

Household products: are you at risk of poisoning yourself?

Did you know that using certain household products poisons you? A study conducted by a Norwegian university highlights the dangerousness of exposure to cleaning products.

These would be as toxic to the lungs as smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a year. If this observation seems alarmist, it goes without saying that using non-toxic products could certainly save you irritation or respiratory problems in the long term.

1. Adopt microfiber to stop using aerosols

In addition to being very soft, this little cloth has the particularity of retaining all the dust. You can thus do without a good number of aerosols, by simply being equipped with this small square of fabric. Once used, it goes into the washing machine and can be reused over and over again.

2. Steam won’t intoxicate you

Also, rather than using a multi-surface cleaner, opt for a steam cleaner. Thanks to the heat produced, the microbes will not resist. In addition, the brushes supplied with this device will allow you to overcome the most stubborn stains for a spotless floor.

As for your windows, you have two options. The hand-held steam cleaner and a squeegee will allow you to get clean windows quickly and without streaks. Alternatively, you can also dilute a drop of dishwashing liquid and a capful of white vinegar in hot water.

3. A healthy household classic: white vinegar

Nothing is more effective than white vinegar to fight against the white traces present on your earthenware and taps. For stubborn lime deposits, let the vinegar act by soaking a sheet of paper towel with vinegar, which you will leave for a few hours.

4. Ventilate regularly to let spring into your home

For healthy air inside your home, remember to open your windows. By renewing the air in your home, you will eliminate the pollutants present in the atmosphere. About ten minutes a day is enough, in each room, and in all seasons. Nothing like the fresh air of spring to invigorate your interior!

Adopt these cleaning habits for your home all year round

Once that big spring cleaning is over, save these great tips for your everyday upholstery service Aiken county. These will allow you to live in a healthier environment, but also to save money on cleaning products.

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