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How to choose a Hoverboard – by model, price, and quality?

by Uneeb Khan

A gyro scooter is like a mini Segway. Sometimes it is called a mini-segway, but this is not entirely correct, you will find out why later. Segway is a self-balanced vehicle, the basis of which is based on gyroscopic sensors and a control system that reads information from the sensors about the position of the working platform and, based on it, commands the electric motors, which in turn keep the platform in a level position. A gyro scooter is the same segway, only smaller in size and without a steering column, due to which it is controlled.

But it should also be noted that there are hoverboards with a steering column or a handle or a shortened handle, as on the mini-segway of the Xiaomi brand. They are called mini-segways. You need to know this, but unfortunately in the vastness of the Russian market, no one calls the gyro scooter.

But how to choose a hoverboard if there are a bunch of names and brands? Gyroscooters are produced by two countries, these are America and China. Unfortunately, American models have a price higher than Chinese counterparts by about 3 times. But at the same time, they are not almost worse, and sometimes even better than American ones. Therefore, experts advise buying in China, precisely because of such a strong difference in price.

It should also be noted that all gyro scooters, mini-segways, gyro boards and gyrocycles are assembled in China. Even American branded models are assembled in China because of cheap labor. Because of this, since 2014, many factories and firms for the production of hoverboards have begun to appear in China. There was a lot of controversy as to who exactly would hold the patent. But it is CHIC that has a patent for the production of hoverboards in China. This patent determines the quality of production, the standard quality of materials and outgoing products.

Which firm to choose?

How to choose a hoverboard by brand or company? CHIC hoverboards are quite expensive, although they have very high build quality and internal soldering. Their hoverboards go through several stages of testing before they go on sale. They use expensive materials and internals. So if you have money, then I advise you to buy a CHIC hoverboard.

There another expensive Chinese company called Xiaomi. This company specializes in the production of segways and gyrocycles. But they have the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini mini segway on sale. This is a model that has a shortened steering column and many different internal functions. For example, it can fully configure through the phone, it can be controlled through the phone. It protecte from moisture and dust, and with it you can ride in the snow and in the rain. The model costs £279.99, quite expensive, but it’s worth it.

Well, the most famous company on the Internet and all over the world is the Smart Balance brand. He also has a patent for the production of hoverboards and at the same time produces a large number of different hoverboards that differ in wheel size and other characteristics. This brand produces really high-quality products. But at the same time, they are very cheap. The cheapest hoverboard they have costs 12500 is a hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels. If you ask: “how to choose a hoverboard, inexpensive and high-quality?” – then Smart Balance hoverboards will suit you perfectly.

What wheel size to choose?

Which is better to choose a hoverboard with 6.5 or 8-inch wheels, or maybe take a 10 hoverboard? First, you need to understand what kind of surfaces do you want to ride on.

Gyroscooter 6.5

A scooter with 6.5-inch wheels is the cheapest. But at the same time, it has a low landing and a gap between the board and the platform. Because of this, it has less permeability. Usually, the bodies on such segways are made of plastic, because it is intended only for flat surfaces.

This option is also great for kids. The 8″ hoverboard has tubeless wheels. Because of this, riding on such a hoverboard is more rigid, on uneven roads. Therefore, if you are doing well in a city with roads, or you take it to go shopping, boutiques, or ride along the promenade, then it will suit you perfectly. On average, such models cost from £279.99.

Gyroscooter 8

This is the golden mean among all hoverboards. If you can’t decide for a long time which one to take, then take a hoverboard 8 . It has quite powerful characteristics, and at the same time a small price. The costs and weighs more than a hoverboard 10. Because of the higher seating position and more clearance than the the6.5-inch scooter, it is perfect for our roads.

But it also has tubeless tires, which reduce wear resistance when driving on dead and bad roads. It is suitable for people of all ages and almost any weight. Such a model costs an average of £279.99.

Gyroscooter 10

Which gyro scooter to choose for riding on any surfaces? This is the largest hoverboard, has a wheel size of 10 inches. These wheels are inflatable and have a chamber base. Due to this, the ride on it is smoother on almost any surface. That is why it is called an SUV among all hoverboards. However, due to its large size, it is not suitable for small children.

Gyroscooter 10 is more powerful and faster than its smaller counterparts. There is a model that can accelerate to 25 km / h. Many people use this model to perform various tricks. Due to the larger wheels, the landing platform is higher, and therefore the ride on it is said by many to more exciting. These models are more expensive on average from £279.99. If you like fast driving and want to drive almost everywhere, then this is your ideal option.

Gyroscooters for children

The choice of gyro scooters for children is huge. If you have a small child or a sister or brother and you want to give him a gift, then there are children’s hoverboards with a wheel size of 4.5 inches. These are safe hoverboards with low speed and low platforms. Therefore, even if the child falls, it will not hurt so much. For older children, a 6.5 or 8-inch model is recommende. Construction of frame houses segbo.co.uk – website

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