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GAN 13 Maglev

by Yasir Asif
GAN 13 Maglev

The GAN 13 Maglev is a cutting-edge cube that uses maglev technology to achieve a smooth, controlled feel. It has 88 magnets that provide incredible rotation speed, and its adjustability means it can be tuned to your personal preference.

Like traditional rail, maglev systems require minimal maintenance. However, there are some concerns about their ability to levitate when power is lost.


GAN 13 Maglev is the latest flagship 3×3 from GAN, featuring their incredible new MagLev technology. It features an innovative outer layer levitation effect caused by magnetic repulsion to reduce resistance and achieve a smooth maglev feel. It also features 88 factory-installed magnets and Enhanced core positioning 3.0 auto aligning to give you next-level performance.

The gan 13 Maglev is also the first cube to feature a smart magnet strength adjustment system. This allows you to change how close the magnets on the corner feet are to the core magnets. Tighter settings decrease the likelihood of pops but reduce corner cutting distance, while looser settings increase the ability to cut corners and create an overall faster cube.

The gan 13 Maglev comes in a gorgeous dark blue box with orange details and pictures of the puzzle’s internals. It includes a new storage bag, an adjustment tool and a CFOP guide. It is also available in a Frosted and UV Coated version.


GAN 13 Maglev is the newest flagship 3×3 from the cubing manufacturer Gan. This premium speedcube features 88 magnets, including core and piece magnets as well as 12 maglev rings to help reduce friction. This makes it one of the fastest and smoothest cubes on the market.

The cube is fully customizable with 216 possible set ups for compression, tension and magnetic strength. This is a huge advantage over other flagship cubes from Gan, which don’t offer the ability to adjust the magnet strength and tension.

The Maglev also features a smart center travel adjustment that allows you to easily fine-tune how much the centers can move up and down during solves. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up their cube. In addition to the center travel adjustment, the Maglev has an easy-to-use magnetic core system that helps with corner cutting and edge grabbing.

Easy to solve

GAN 13 Maglev is a flagship cube that offers unparalleled speed and control. It has a lot of new technology, including magnetic repulsion and core positioning. It also has a number of adjustable settings, such as magnet strength and tension. The Maglev is an excellent choice for serious speedcubers who want a fast and easy to solve cube.

The Maglev features 88 magnets in the core and pieces, including 12 ring magnets for the spring system. This gives a smooth, controlled feel and a floating effect when turning the cube. The Maglev also has an advanced Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 auto aligning system, which helps each layer align more easily. It can be numerically tuned to your preference with 6 levels of tension and compression.

You can also adjust how loose your cube should feel during solves, called the “center travel” setting. To do this, insert the metal tool in one of the small openings at the light blue center piece and turn clockwise. You will hear clicks as you go.

Limited edition

The GAN 13 Maglev Kunlun Limited Edition is a special collectors edition of the newest flagship 3×3 from Gan Cube. It features a gold base and semi-transparent gold internals, making it a truly unique puzzle. It also has the patented Maglev technology, which reduces friction and allows the cube to turn smoothly and effortlessly.

This model features 88 factory-installed magnets that achieve spectacular rotation speed. It also has a new edge magnet design and Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 auto aligning technology. This makes it one of the fastest cubes on the market.

The Maglev also has six levels of center travel adjustment, allowing you to control how much the centers move up and down during solves. This is an important feature, as it can affect how well the cube cuts corners and how resistant it is to pops. You can adjust the center travel by lifting the plastic caps over the center pieces and turning them with a metal tool.

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