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NBA 2K23 Season 3 Introduces Updates For The Draft Mode

by Uneeb Khan

The NBA 2K23 MyTeam Draft mode is getting an aesthetic update and functional changes for the draft positional pack items.

You don’t need to worry about NBA MT coins because A6K is here with the best prices and deals! NBA 2K23 Season 3 comes with a plethora of new content and cards. We have several new collections such as Zen, Deck the Hall, and Fire and Ice to acquire. The second half of the MyTeam Unlimited qualifier is about to start. But Season 3 also has some gameplay updates. The Draft mode receives some improvements. A6K has prepared festive deals for NBA 2K23 MT coins so you can end the year with all the seasonal objectives completed!

Draft Mode Updates in NBA 2K23 Season 3

The Draft mode is part of NBA 2K23 MyTeam. Season 3 comes with visual and functional improvements for this mode. You can see that the Ascension board has a new look. All three levels have a neon theme now. The update can be seen in the Draft. Also, the Ascension items that are obtained as seasonal level prizes will rock the new aesthetic. We’ve mentioned that Draft mode also gets some functional updates. Let’s see what it is all about. Every draft up until this point has permitted players to select from two items to put in their drafted lineup. These cards were different when it came to gem color. As a result, the majority of players always opted for the items that had the highest OVR. Season 3 comes with a change for this mechanic. The Draft position packs include items from just one gem color. This means that the criterion on which players choose the card is their preference. This way, they won’t simply go for the most powerful item. Before selecting a card, make sure to flip it. On the back, you will see its stats and badges. Each position will have a distinct gem color. This is done to ensure that all drafts are in balance. We have another update for the Draft mode. For the first time in the game, prize cards representing players will be permitted to choose from the position packs in addition to the newest item releases. This includes all cards, from the Takeover players that are acquired on a weekly basis to the Trophy Case prizes. The position packs might have one of these cards. Each MyTeam season comes with a free ticket to begin a draft. You can get rewards and make it better and put it in your selection.

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