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Does Group Health Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Diseases?

by Uneeb Khan
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As a business owner, offering group medical insurance to your employees is an excellent way of showing appreciation for their services. A group health insurance plan gives financial protection to your employees against unexpected medical expenses. However, it’s not easy to choose a group plan that benefits each employee’s needs. 

For this reason, you need to purchase group insurance from companies like Niva Bupa Health Insurance with extensive coverage to include as many benefits as possible. For instance, research whether the group policy you plan to buy covers pre-existing diseases.

Keep reading to understand what pre-existing diseases are and why it is essential for your health insurance to cover them.

Do Group Health Insurance Policies Provide Coverage for Pre-existing Diseases?

Yes, most group health insurance policies cover pre-existing diseases and illnesses. Most company insurance policies offer to employees cover pre-existing conditions in their standard plans. If it is not covered, you can buy add-ons such as pre-existing disease waiver.

What is a Pre-existing Disease?

As the name suggests, a pre-existing disease is a disease or illness that already exists in an individual. The ailment will be considered pre-existing if the diagnosis or symptoms are found within 48 months of purchasing the policy. For instance, if you have been an employee with asthma for the past two years, you have a pre-existing medical condition. You will need to mention it in the company insurance form to get the pre-existing disease coverage benefits. Diabetes, asthma, cancer, hypertension, hyper/hypothyroidism etc., are a few examples of pre-existing diseases.

Pre-existing Diseases in Group Health Insurance

If an insurance policy provides pre-existing diseases coverage, the policy document/certificate will specify the corresponding details and fine prints. A group insurance plan is usually issue under a company or employer’s name as a master policy, and the employees receive policy cards with their names on them. To know more about the plan, employees can contact the admin or HR of the company.

Are Medical Check-ups Needed Before Buying a Group Health Insurance with Pre-existing Disease Coverage?

You may be advise to undergo some medical tests to purchase an individual health insurance policy. After which, the insurance company will issue a policy for you and charge a premium as per the plan.

A group health insurance plan, on the other hand, requires no medical tests. Companies usually provide generic health plans for employees, which they can customise by paying extra to add extra benefits. Pre-existing diseases are generally always cover in the group health plans. While filling up the insurance form, you must declare the pre-existing diseases upfront. If an employee wants add-on coverage at an individual level, they will need to follow protocols and get certain medical tests done to enjoy the pre-existing coverage benefits.

Are Pre-existing Diseases Covered from Day One in Group Health Plans?

Pre-existing diseases are usually cover from day one. This means employees can raise a claim immediately after the policy is issue as there is no waiting period involve.

Preferred Benefits Provided by Company Group Health Insurance Plans

A holistic medical insurance plan provided by an employer to the employees should include the following features and benefits:

Insurance Benefits:

Ability to include family members in the plan

Ability to increase the coverage

Seamless claiming process

Coverage for COVID-19

Not having to serve a waiting period for pre-existing ailments

Out-patient treatment coverage 

Other Benefits:

Ability to access telemedicine through mobile apps

Offers and discounts on medicines and medical examinations

Mental health practitioners and nutritionists include in the plan

It would be beneficial to consider group health insurance policies such as Niva Bupa Health Insurance to ensure that your employees are not burdene with unnecessary medical expenditure as and when the need arises.

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