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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying Athletic Shoes

by Uneeb Khan
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The athletic footwear industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 26% over the next five years, reaching approximately $200 million in 2021. The market is anticipated to exceed $220 million by 2022. Given that adults should engage in 30 minutes of moderate activity every day, it’s critical to wear appropriate sports shoes.

However, there are a lot of options to choose from. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy pair of shoes is tough because there are so many choices. Fortunately, this article explains the top five things everyone should think about when buying sports footwear.

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1. Type of Workout

When purchasing athletic shoes, the first and most important decision to make is the sort of exercise they’ll be used for. Each activity has unique shoe requirements and levels of support. Running, for example, necessitates a greater degree of arch support and heel cushioning for shock absorption.

This lessens tension and protects the joints and other parts of the legs, especially the knees, heels, and ankles, that are subjected to a lot of impact.

However, weightlifting shoes typically flatter and prioritize stability. Squat and deadlift athletes will require shoes with a hard and flat sole. Athletes who execute both cardio and strength exercises might want a shoe that is suitable for cross-training.

It’s also vital to remember that certain activities, such as dance, cycling, or outdoor sports, may have their own shoe types.

2. Price Range

Athletic shoes can cost anything from $100 to $120. Some individuals may not be able to afford these prices. However, there are several alternatives available to assist customers in locating the best deals. The majority of running shoe manufacturers release a new version of their product each year, and the previous year’s model becomes available on sale.

Another alternative is to calculate shoe costs using athletic websites or third-party sources. People can compare a variety of shoes with similar capabilities and looks while still paying attention to the lowest price.

3. Brand Loyalty

Customers may be picky about their athletic shoe brands, preferring to buy from the same company that they do their sports apparel. Some athletic brands, on the other hand, are limited in terms of shoes available. Some businesses will focus on a certain sport or style of footwear.

4. Fit

Regardless of the purpose for which a shoe is bought, it should fit the feet comfortably.

Shoes should not constrict or squeeze the feet but should be breathable. However, it’s crucial to avoid wearing shoes that are too large and cause the feet to slip when engaging in physical activities. Fit is why most customers prefer to purchase shoes in a store rather than online.

Many in-person shops will allow customers to try on the shoes and provide extensive return options. Customers using these return procedures can keep and utilize the sneakers for 60, 120, or even several weeks to determine how they perform during exercise.

5. Product Reviews

Finally, some consumers like to read reviews of customers who have purchased and used the shoes in order to obtain additional information. This provides a unique experience of the product, especially if they participate in the same sports. Look into multiple review sources when looking for information; don’t just focus on one or two.

Research Before Buying Athletic Shoes

The 5 most important questions about athletic shoes for anybody purchasing them for the first time, or looking at varieties or companies, are listed below. However, at the end of the day, you have a good idea of which shoe is best for you.

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