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Are Mechanical Keyboards Noiseless?

by Faisal Sheikh

Mechanical keyboards are one of the most popular computer peripherals among gamers, designers, and writers. But keyboards’ loud clicking noises can be a bit distracting for some people. Luckily, quiet mechanical keyboards are available to help you type in peace. The switches in these keyboards are dampened to reduce impact noise and improve the key feel.


Mechanical keyboard have many switches determine how a key is pressed and the overall typing experience. The main switch types include Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, and others. They all have unique actuation points, operating forces, and actuation travel distances that help you pick the right switch.

One of the most significant factors in deciding which switch to choose is your hand size and how much pressure you use to type. Big hands require a higher activation point and high operating force to activate keys. This is good if you tend to misclick keys, but it also means that a high-pressure switch can be a bit heavy for light typists.

Another factor to consider is your gaming style. Some gamers prefer a heavier keyboard that requires more force to press down, while others like a lighter keycap that can be pressed with less strength.

Finally, a switch’s sound can majorly affect your decision. Generally speaking, a switch that emits a lot of noise is more likely to get picked up on microphones and be annoying when using a video recording or streaming device.


The keycaps on each keyboard key are essential to how a mechanical keyboard feels and sounds. They also help distinguish different mechanical keyboard brands and determine their aesthetics.

There are several factors to consider when choosing keycaps for your keyboard, including material, thickness, and printing method. For example, a thicker keycap may be more comfortable to use.

Generally speaking, you’ll find keycaps made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). Both are injection-moulded plastic that is lightweight and durable.

While both types of plastic have fans who claim one is better, they each have pros and cons. ABS tends to show more vibrant colours and is less prone to shining, while PBT is a bit less colourful but is usually more durable and harder to break down.

Lastly, a keycap’s thickness can significantly impact its feel and sound when typing. Thicker keycaps are generally more comfortable but can also make the keyboard feel a little clunky.

You can choose from many different keycap profiles, but the most common are Cherry MX switches. These keys are found on most mechanical keyboards, including more popular prebuilt models from WASD and Leopold.


A keyboard’s case is a vital part of the overall experience. It houses the switches and PCB and protects the keys from dirt, dust, and water. It can be made of various materials, including plastic, aluminium, and acrylic.

Some types of keyboard cases have built-in gaskets that help to reduce noise when the keys are pressed down. Some of these designs also allow the top plate to flex, which helps to reduce the sound of the switches.

Other keyboard cases are designed for specific sizes and layouts. For example, tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards eliminate the numerical keypad, while 65% (or tenkeyless-plus) keyboards omit the numerical and function keys. This can give users more room on their desks and makes them easier to move around.

Many users prefer to customize their keyboards to match their style. This can be especially important for gamers because it gives them a sense of belonging to the device they use.

Choosing the suitable material for the case is essential because it will affect how your switches sound when you press them down. Some of the most common materials are plastic, metal, and wood. The type of keyboard case you choose will depend on your needs and budget.

The most famous case materials are plastic and aluminium, which are inexpensive and easily manufactured. They are also available in various colours and can customize your board with additional features like keycaps.

The best keyboard cases for mechanical switches are designed to reduce the noise from the actuation of the switches. Some cases include a dampening solution inside, while others use a foam lining. They are also made to be lightweight so that the user can easily hold them with one hand.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout is an integral part of a mechanical keyboard. This is because it determines how the keys feel and register when pressed and how silent they can be. There are a few different options for the layout, and some may be better than others, depending on what you want out of your keyboard.

The physical layout of a keyboard is determined by the way the keys are arranged on the keyboard and the labels that appear on each key. It also reflects the function of each key as a result of software that defines how it responds to a press or release.

A keyboard’s functional layout can be redefined or customized by changing the operating system’s keyboard driver or using a third-party software application. For example, an individual who wants to type in a different language must change the keyboard layout to one that supports transliteration. This means that the letters in their new language would be matched to visible Latin letters on the keyboard by how they sound.

Unlike membrane keyboards, which use a membrane as a pressure pad, mechanical keyboards feature individual switches underneath each key. This makes each key distinctly register when pressed, which is excellent for gamers and typing enthusiasts who prefer a more tactile experience. Some switches are quieter than others, making a mechanical keyboard more silent than a regular membrane keyboard.


With a mechanical keyboard, the user can feel when a key has been pressed and released, providing a sense of control and precision. This is particularly important for gamers who need to make split-second decisions in games that require fast reflexes. The tactile feedback can also reduce the likelihood of pressing the wrong key, which can be a frustrating and costly mistake in competitive gaming.

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