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The saying routine kills relationship fits perfectly when we talk about chemical-based makeup. If you apply these heavy bases, chemical-infused makeup products on your skin, they will not only make your skin prone to acne but also kill the natural glow you have.

We are passionate about beauty, and we want to help you find your own path to the best version of yourself, which is why, we cannot stress enough the importance of using natural, light materials on your face to ensure youthful skin all your life.

There is a saying that goes “Less is more”. and when it comes to makeup products, we tend to agree with this. The truth is the fewer products you apply on your face and the more natural ingredients you choose for your skin the better for you because putting makeup on leaves your skin vulnerable to bacteria that can cause damage to it. So, why not use something that not only protects and heals your skin but also gives you the look you desire?

Natural products are always better than their chemical counterparts because they don’t cause any harm or damage to your skin like chemical-based ones do. Your body needs oxygen in order for it to function properly so if there is no air flowing through it then everything gets polluted which leads us back again where we started! 

Natural ingredients such as oils from plants will help keep moisture levels high while also giving our faces some much-needed nourishment without all those harmful chemicals ending up in our bloodstreams (which wouldn’t be good either) and it is also unisex skincare

We have this stigma in our society about men wearing makeup or applying beauty products but not when you are using natural products. Unisex face creams are the ultimate skincare product.

Now moving on to the main part of our conversation. What are the best replacement products for your daily makeup routine?

Here are some suggestions that could work as replacement products in your daily makeup routine:

1- Natural Blush

A little bit of blush goes a long way, so it’s important to find something that doesn’t irritate your skin and has no colorant added. It is a great way to add color to your cheeks. It can give you a more youthful look, and it can be used as a lip tint, highlighter, or eyeshadow. 

If you are not sure which product will work best for your skin type or concern (such as dryness), try out different products until you find one that works well for you or you can try homemade blush too!

Try mixing Chia Seed Oil with coconut oil or goldenrod (or another green) powder. This will give you more natural-looking peach-colored cheeks without any harsh chemicals!

2- SPF Lip Balm

SPF lip balm is a must-have product. It not only protects your lips from harmful UV rays, but also moisturizes them. SPF lip balm comes in many different flavors and colors that suit everyone’s taste buds! Whether you want something sweet or spicy, there are options for everyone here.

3- BB Cream

BB cream is a multi-purpose face cream that works as a foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, and other products in one. It is like putting on a tinted moisturizing cream but with the activated sun protector formula—and it does not clog your pores!

BB creams tend to be more expensive than plain old foundations because they give you both coverage and hydration at once. This can also help keep your skin looking younger longer since the SPF protects against UVA/UVB rays while also helping prevent sunburns (which happen when you don’t have enough water).

4- Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

This is the most effective natural makeup product for growing your lashes. It contains castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and coconut extract. The combination of these ingredients will help grow your natural eyelashes fast! 

You can also use coconut oil to help with this process too but it is not as effective as the other ingredients mentioned above (and it may irritate your eyes).

5- Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a natural moisturizer that can be used on the face, body and hair. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for reducing redness and inflammation. If you have dry skin or eczema, flaxseed oil can help to soothe your skin by helping it retain water.

You may have heard about using flaxseed oil as an alternative to commercial makeup removers because of its gentle nature; however, many people still prefer traditional makeup remover wipes over this method due to their effectiveness in removing makeup from the eyes without causing irritation or discomfort (if you experience any irritation from flax seed extract when applying it topically then we suggest using less than suggested).

Going with natural products has many benefits.  

Going with natural products has many benefits. It will improve your skin and protect it from harsh chemicals, which is a good thing if you want to keep your skin looking younger and healthier. Natural makeup products are also better for the environment because they are made without any harmful chemicals or preservatives that can be hazardous to humans.

Natural makeup products are great for your wallet as well! They tend to cost less than their synthetic counterparts, so buying these ingredients yourself instead of purchasing them from an expensive brand makes sense if you want to save money in the long run.

We hope that these suggestions have been helpful for you in building better and healthier skin. We know how important it is to look after your body, so why not take care of your face too? Beauty starts from within, so make sure you take good care of yourself so that everyone can see it.

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