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7 Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget

by Mohamed Ali

In the case of weddings there seem to be millions of details to prepare for. Date, dress as well as the venue, food as well as the music, flowers and the transportation. This list of things to consider goes on and on.

With so many details to take care of there’s no reason why the majority of brides and grooms-to-be overlooked tiny, but vital things. Although you may think you’ve got everything covered when the big day arrives you may be shocked to discover that something important slipped by the wayside. If you’re looking for your wedding day to go without the slightest hiccup (of course you want it to! ) If so, you’re going be required to ensure you read and keep track of these seven points.

Contacting Base on Your Transportation Company

If you’ve arranged for the chauffeur-driven stretch limousine or you’re renting a vintage vehicle that you intend to drive yourself, you’ll need to ensure that you get in touch with the company you’re working for before the big day.

Although you might have reserved your transportation ahead of time and have all the documentation that outlines the specifics, you’ll need to go over the details. A few weeks before the day of your wedding, contact your transportation company to make sure that you’re on the same level. Discuss timings for pickups, the route, and anything else you’d like to keep in your vehicle (beverages and music) and the list goes on. Inattention to these things could lead to an accident on the day. You can Hire our Miami Luxury car service for your wedding transportation.

Have a Backup Plan

It’s the dream of every couple to have the perfect wedding day that is sun-kissed and romantic. But, Mother Nature doesn’t always agree. Rain can put a downer (pun not intended) on your special day.

If the ceremony will be outside it is best to arrange for it inside. If you are planning to take photos in a garden or another outdoor setting, you should make sure you have a backup backdrop. Also,If rain clouds begin to appear it won’t be necessary to be stressed trying to figure out how the event will take place. If it ends in the rain, try not to be too depressed Rain on the wedding day is a sign of good fortune!

Make an Emergency Kit

What happens if there’s a smear through your dresser, strawberry seeds inside your teeth or your perfectly braided hair falls out? If you have the bridal emergency kit These kinds of scenarios will not be a big problem.

Make sure you fill a beautiful bag with everything you may require on the day of your wedding (or better than that you assign an attendant this task). The things you could want to pack in the bag are:

Make sure to pack the bridal kit the same way you would a bathroom bag for a trip.

Review Your Music

If you’re hosting an entertainment or DJ make sure you look over the music you’ve chosen with them for one or two weeks before the day of the event. Examine some of the most significant songs, such as the first dance with your mother-daughter, father-son and bouquet toss, your entry song, or other important music. Consider the background music that will be played during the time guests are eating and, obviously, the type of music you’d like played to get everyone dancing. Music can ruin your wedding, so make sure that all the details are worked out before the wedding day.

Make a Photo List

If you have specific photos you’d like to take Make a picture list. Many brides and grooms believe that they’ll remember having the most memorable photos that they have taken and then, amid the bustle and excitement of the wedding day they lose track of them.

Pictures of your parents and siblings are easy to spot However when you have cousins or nieces or nephews college roommates, or anyone else who the photographer may not consider, take note of them down! If you have particular poses or events you’d like to capture take note of them also! Send the list to your photographer a couple of days before your wedding. Also, make an additional list just in case your list is lost.

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Bathroom Rescue Kit

The groom, bride, and bridal party aren’t the only ones that want to look and feel their best at weddings; guests are, too! To make sure they look stunning and feel relaxed and comfortable during the wedding, put an emergency basket in the bathroom.

Create a basket to serve both men’s and women’s toilets. Items that should be included in these baskets for rescue are:

These little touches of hospitality will truly make your guests feel welcomed and very special.

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Tips and Payments Sort Out

If you have any outstanding balances that must be paid, make sure to get them delivered before the big day so that you don’t have to fret about them during the course of the day of your ceremony. If the vendors would prefer to make the remaining payments at the time of the wedding, put the funds aside in envelopes that are labeled and then make the payment as soon as you can. Don’t forget to estimate any tips before the wedding and place them in the appropriate envelopes. The people you must tip during your wedding ceremony include the DJ/photographer, the photographer chauffeur of the limousine and your Maître d’, the florist, and everyone else who played a significant role during your wedding.

The last thing a bride or groom would like to do is to rush to handle any emergency. By preparing these points before the day, you can eliminate stress and ensure your wedding day runs as smoothly. Booking the services of a Long Island limo service will make it easier for you to worry about on the day you’re getting married!

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