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Why Does a Bachelor of Tourism Studies help to Build a Promising Career in India?

by Uneeb Khan
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As you know, the travel and tourism sectors have always been exciting and adventurous. It is estimated that by the year 2025 travel destination segment will create many job opportunities for the youngsters in India. The best part of the tourism industry is that a piece adequate knowledge and a little bit of experience can help set up a travel agency in the future for their own.

It is easy to find a suitable job in hotels, airline companies, and transport agencies after completing a bachelor’s degree in tourism, hospitality management, or specific hospitality management courses. Because of the geographical anomaly, India will have various opportunities for the travel and tourism industry.

So candidates skilled in travel, tourism, and hospitality management will undoubtedly have a great profession in this industry. When it comes to the offers and salary package, it can vary depending upon the experience and skill set along with the designation in the current organization for the person. E.g. for front office executives and tour operation managers is approximately 5 lac annually. To excel in this sector one can try a hospitality management course in Pune.

Courses and eligibility criteria

When it comes to the courses, there are many colleges in India providing quality education with relevant practical knowledge. Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, located in Pune, offers various studies relating to hospitality management courses and several professional courses in travel & tourism.

After completing your professional approach, you can certainly build your Career in Hospitality Management by joining the hotel or aviation industry. A specific skill set is required for the tourism sector, including proficiency in computer reservation systems like CRS- Amadeus, since you will be dealing with the customer segment altogether. You must build your customer service skills, handling money and foreign currencies.     

Why does a bachelor of tourism studies help to build a promising career in India?

There are several reasons for a person to choose the tourism sector from a career perspective, which include:-

  • As the tourism sector in India has been making remarkable progress every year through the government’s initiative, there will be numerous requirements for professionals in the tourism sector.
  • The travel industry is one of the significant sources of currency earners across the globe as millions of people for business and personal leisure are associated with this industry.
  • Salary structure and perks like free travel or discount for the trip are pretty high compared to other sectors.
  • While working, you can easily explore and adventure travel in this industry.
  • As the hospitality and tourism industry has grown tremendously, plenty of opportunities are available globally.
  • Working in the tourism industry is always lucrative and exciting because it is always fun and adventurous to meet people from different cultures and communities daily.
  • A degree in travel and tourism is not limited; it also allows students to explore various aspects, including business management, human resources, and many more.


I can only say that the travel and tourism sector is one of the most dynamic and fast-expanding industries. Unlike before, travelling has become much easier and more accessible with the access and improvement of mobility services.

Gone are the days when limited options were available for education, including engineering and medicine; with the surging demand for travel and tourism, there are many educational and professional courses like degrees in hospitality management, bachelors in tourism, and event management courses are available for the students to pursue their path. Colleges such as Lexicon IHM are the best ones where you can study management.

There are many spiritual hubs available in India, so many people plan their travel itinerary to visit spiritual centres for holistic growth. Many initiatives like Make in India and incredible India by the government have made a massive contribution to the development of the tourism sector.

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