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What Is NITI Aayog? And What You Need To Know About NITI Aayog Registration.

by Uneeb Khan

NITI is an abbreviation for National Institution for Transforming India.

The governing council of NITI Aayog includes the chief ministers from all states and lieutenant governors from the Union Territories.

What is its significance?

A reputable think-tank with the knowledge and strategic thinking and the ability to provide impartial advice on behalf of the state is essential in any democratic system. This is particularly true for India due to its awe-inspiring complexity and diversity.

 In addition, the NITI Aayog Registration gives States greater power, can able to stop ivory tower-based policymaking, and also give it a more base-level flavour.

Who is eligible to register with Niti Aayog?

All NGOs registered as a trust society or a private limited non-profit organisation following section 25 Company in the Indian Companies Act, 1956 are eligible to register as a Niti Aayog.

What is the eligibility of an individual to register with Niti Aayog?

At present, no individual (person) registration is permitted. Benefits of Registering Under Niti Aayog.

Documents needed for NGO registration Darpan Registration

  • Copy of the Registration Certificate from the NGO. (in the format of jpg or pdf and should not exceed 2MB)
  • Pan Card of the NGO is required for NGO Darpan Registration Online Process.
  • PAN along with the Aadhaar Card of 3 members of an NGO’s executive committee.
  • For Trust deeds, only the first and last page that bears the signature must be scanned and uploaded.

Niti Aayog Registration Process

Following is the process of Niti Aayog Registration:

  • Visit NGO Darpan portal.
  • Input all the relevant details regarding your NGO
  • OTP will be sent to the registered number once the user has used the verification option and generates the new password.
  • All information that is required for the NGO Darpan Registration Online, has to be supplied.
  • If the person has several registrations, then they must be disclosed.
  • Select the appropriate industry and fill out the area of accomplishment
  • Input the address and click submit.

An organisation may be eligible for tax exemptions and other advantages by registering as a nonprofit entity. Here is a detailed process mentioned for all the necessary documents for NITI Aayog Registration in India. The rules and regulations must be observed following the Act, which governs the creation of the Non-Government Organization (Non-Government Organisation).

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1. Is there a deadline for renewal for the NGO Darpan Registration?

There is no requirement for renewal of your NGO Darpan Registration online; it just has to be done once, and then it will be valid for the duration of the existence of an entity.

2. How can I edit my email address in NGO Darpan Portal?

  • To modify the email address you use in your profile, visit the portal and sign in to the portal using your username and password from the Login box located under that table called VO/NGO Signing in for users who have signed up.
  • Once you’ve signed into your account, navigate to the right-hand side of the page and click Edit Profile.
  • Replace your old address in Contact Details with the new email address.

3. What are the necessary documents I will need when signing up?

  • The registration certificate should be scanned and uploaded to either jpg or pdf format. (Note that the file should not exceed the size of 2MB.) more preferable.
  • The first page and the page with the signature must be scanned and filed in the event of trust deeds.
  • Does it need to be registered as an NGO Darpan?
  • An NGO must be registered through the NGO Darpan Portal if it seeks to solicit contributions from government Departments.

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