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What is Animation and its Types?

by Uneeb Khan
What is Animation and its types

Animated films have their origins in silhouette pantomime, flip books, magic lantern shows and peep shows, which used sequential drawings (silhouettes) to tell stories with movement. To create the illusion of movement in Ambrotypes photography needed many continuous perforations on gelatin-coated glass plates that could show four or five frames per second.

The introduction of the cinema in the 1890s used similar techniques to the magic lantern. The animated etchings on a glass plate made by French inventor Eadward Muybridge between 1877 and 1880 resembled early flipbooks.

The moving images were not puppets but actual silhouette cut-outs drawn on clear cellophane. In reality they only appeared animated as they were filmed one frame at a time at twelve frames per second in a tiny booth 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.

What is Animation?

Animation is a process that produces motion pictures using figures and images that respond to sound. It is an electrically generated illusion presented by means of a mechanical device, originally known as the magic lantern, which projects multiple sequential frames on a screen in rapid succession. The illusion occurs when the audience’s brain interprets each frame as a new image and not as a consecutive advance of static.

There are 5 Types of Animation:

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation is a process of making an animated film by using clay models. The individual frames are photographed (usually photographically projected) one at a time, instead of all of them being projected at the same time. Also, the individual photographs or pictures are not filmed frame by frame in actual motion, but instead the camera is moved to the next frame and the image of the previous image is shown briefly. The result creates a fluid motion similar to that of a real motion picture (such as being able to see what people will do in front of you).

stop-motion animation is where a real object is manipulated so it appears to move on its own. Stop-motion animation has been used as far back as 1902 when a man named Émile Cohl produced the first animated films using this technique. These films were silent and used holes in the camera so that he could manipulate the objects with his hands while filming them by changing their position slightly between each shot, creating an illusion of motion when they were played back at regular speed. He also made some short films of the same style later on in his career.

Traditional Animation

Cell animation is another name for conventional animation. To create an animated scene in this style of animation, the animator must draw each and every frame by hand. The majority of the time, painters will do this on a light table so they can see the prior drawing through the top layer of paper. This kind of animation is frequently used by well-known firms like Disney. Even now, traditional animation is still produced using specialized tablets and computers.

Slide Animation

A slide animation is a type of animation where images, often in the form of slides, are displayed sequentially to create an illusion of motion. The term “slide show” describes an event or function where this style of presentation is used.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Computer animation (also known as CGI or CGI animation) is the process used for generating animated images. It is a subfield of computer graphics, which includes 3D modeling and other techniques for generating or manipulating visual content.

CGI is the application of computers to generate images, animations and motion pictures. The technology has advanced so far that CGI movie special effects can be nearly indistinguishable from real events. The term computer animation has also come to be used for movies that use this technique in their production, but which are not necessarily produced by a computer, but instead may be created traditionally and then scanned and digitally edited using a computer.

Clay Animation

Clay animation is a type of stop-motion animation which has been achieved by hand-shaping figures from clay and/or other materials such as plasticine, then moving them slightly and photographing the results frame by frame to produce a movie.

Final Note

Although there are many distinct kinds of animation, the most of them may be divided into five main groups. Depending on the artist’s preferred method of creation, each has benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the various forms of animation can aid artists in selecting animation as a vocation. That’s why those who are really aspiring to become an animator have to be acquainted with each and every animation method. Here is where the animation courses comes handy. Reputed institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata, that would be really helpful for the young creative minds.  

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