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What is a web based learning management system?

by Uneeb Khan

Canvas FISD is a web-based education and estimation management system adopted by Frisco ISD, aiming to provide education with convenience. Since so many students were confused about how to use it, we tried to come up with a comprehensive guide that includes all the details like, what Canvas FISD is, how to access its portal, how to register and log in and what to do if you have forgotten your password. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin learning how to use this web-based platform. 

Canvas FISD Basics:

Frisco Independent School District (FISD), previously called Farmers School District, was established in 1876 and officially became famous as Frisco ISD or FISD in 1902. 

The FISD comprises 42 elementary schools, 17 intermediate schools, 11 high schools and 2 individual program centers. Up till now, it has a total of 65,000 students enrolled in its system. It offers several different learning tools and services to teach its students using a standard educational administration system. Apart from that, it assists its teachers in providing cuttin-edge and engaging online educational resources. Students enjoy 24-hour accessibility to the system. 

Canvas Highlights:

  • It boosts your productivity
  • Provides everything in one place
  • Adapted learning
  • 24-hours accessibility to online educational resources

Why should you choose FISD?

After the pandemic, the traditional education system has turned upside down. The education system had to come up with online solutions for the sake of the student’s future. Thereby, nowadays, students mostly opt for online study as it saves up a lot of time and commutes expenses. Students learning from home need a login user ID to open their portals, complete their daily activities and tasks and learn new material. Other information pertaining to the course, student portfolios etc can be found in the log-in. Canvas FISD not just provide its students with educational stuff but a host of other benefits as well. 

Canvas FISD Login:

Being a Canvas student, if you are facing trouble logging in to the portal, you need to check out the information we have provided below. 

Canvas FISD Log-in Requirements:

The Canvas FISD portal is quite simple to use. If you know the trick, you can log in to it within just a few minutes.  The following is what you need to open the portal:

  • Check if you have a fast and stable internet connection
  • You need to have a PC, cell phone or tablet to log-in
  • Update your device to the latest software version to avoid any issues
  • Log in credentials for the portal
  • Canvas FISD’s official web address

Make sure you fulfil all these requirements, as they are mandatory for logging in to the Canvas FISD portal. Now let’s move further and learn how to log in to the portal. 

How to Log in to Canvas FISD?

After meeting the above requirements, you need to follow the steps below in order to log into the Canvas FISD portal. Make sure you don’t skip any step. 

  • Unlock your device and open your preferred web browser
  • Go to Canvas FISD’s official website (here is the link)
  • Once the website is loaded, enter your credentials (ID and password)
  • Once done, hit the log-in button to open the portal

In just a few minutes, you will land your Canvas FISD portal. Just make sure you have entered the right credentials; otherwise, the account will not open. 

What to do if your account doesn’t open?

Typically a Canvas FISD account doesn’t open due to entering an incorrect password. If you face the same issue, follow the steps below to recover your password. 

  • Visits Canvas FISD’s official website
  • Enter your password, yes, the wrong one and then click on ‘Forgot Password’
  • Doing so will bring you to the password resetting page. 
  • Provide your username
  • Select ‘Request Password’

How to set up a Canvas FISD parent account?

Fortunately, Canvas FISD allows parents to set up their account on their platfrom to monitor their kids’ development. Here’s how to set up a Canvas account as a parent. 

  • Visit the Canvas FISD official website
  • Navigate the option “Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account”
  • Provide your name, address, password, email, and student pairing code and hit the ‘Start Learning’ button.

Your child or the school administrator managing the student’s account may help you with obtaining the student pairing code.

Wrap Up: 

With the world moving at such a fast pace, educational institutions need to keep up with the latest technology to improve the student’s learning experience. Canvas FISD is one such online education platform that gathers students and teachers at one podium to provide a holisitc learning experience to its students. Register yourself today to get the most out of it. 

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