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Water Soluble Film Suppliers

by Yasir Asif

Water-soluble films are used as specific unit dose packaging for agrochemicals and detergents, helping prevent environmental pollution caused by any excess chemicals discarded into streams, rivers or farms.

Water-soluble film market can be divided into thickness and end use industries such as detergents, agrochemicals, laundry bags and chemicals & pharmaceuticals.

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One aspect of this invention concerns water-soluble films and articles composed thereof. Water-soluble film can be used in containers such as pouches, sachets, capsules or bags to store functional compositions; its surface with bound salt preferably forms the outer surface.

Film materials suitable for use include polyvinyl alcohol (commonly referred to as PVA or PVOH), polyalkylene oxides, acrylic acid/acrylamide mixtures and mixtures thereof; cellulose; its ethers, esters and amides, polycarboxylic acids/salts as well as mixtures thereof are among those available; additionally suitable binders include carboxymethyl cellulose salts such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; starch and/or gelatine are often employed; natural gums such as xanthum/carragum exist as well as polyacrylates/water-soluble acrylate copolymers.

Salt can be bound to water-soluble films by applying an aqueous solution containing salt and an appropriate binder (such as carboxymethyl cellulose). Alternatively, the salt may be dispersed onto it via spraying.

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The global water soluble film market is driven primarily by rising consumer demand for eco-friendly and safe industrial packaging solutions, disinfectants and detergents as well as chemical industries’ use of water-soluble films to safeguard industrial chemicals from workers. Furthermore, water-soluble films’ growing usage as worker protection measures could propel market expansion further.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely undermined market expansion. Its outbreak caused widespread lockdowns and travel restrictions that has decreased packaging film production globally while disrupting supply chains of industries and increasing prices of raw materials.

The global water soluble film market can be divided into several subsectors based on material, end-user industry and geography. Of these segments, PVA/PVOH is expected to lead during the forecast period due to rising unit dose packaging demand from various end use industries such as textile, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.

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The global water soluble film market is propelled by an increasing need for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, along with their increasing adoption by the chemical industry as a protective barrier between workers and dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, growing adoption in laundry bags, embroidery projects and water transfer printing also drive market expansion.

This report presents a detailed breakdown of the market based on material type. Over recent years, PVA/PVOH dominated due to increased demand for unit dose packaging for detergents, agrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs.

The market can also be further segmented based on end-use industry. Textile, agriculture and consumer goods industries are projected to lead this market. North American countries are projected to experience rapid growth rates due to higher disposable income levels as well as greater demand for laundry bags and agrochemicals.

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The global water soluble films market is projected to experience rapid compound annual compound annual growth over the forecast period due to rising demand from various industries, particularly healthcare & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, e-commerce, and industrial packaging sectors. This growth of this market can be attributed to an increasing focus on these sectors by their manufacturers.

Increased disposable income of consumers worldwide is also driving this market’s expansion. Furthermore, advances in manufacturing technology and growing consumer preference for sustainable packaging contribute significantly to this market’s expansion.

Kuraray Co Ltd, Sekisui Chemical Co Ltd, Arrow GreenTech Ltd, Aicello Corporation, Cortec Corporation and MonoSol LLC are among the key players operating in the water soluble film market. Rising use of biodegradable packaging to reduce carbon emissions has propelled growth of this market. However, high production costs and complex manufacturing processes act as barriers for expansion.

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