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Vedic Process Of Wearing the Hessonite Gemstone

by Uneeb Khan
Hessonite Gemstone

The Hessonite Gemstone is a valuable gemstone. It is known as gomed in Hindi. Hessonite is also known as cinnamon stone and zircon stone. The hue of Hessonite or Gomed stone is similar to that of red smoke. Ceylon Gomed has a honey hue.

It bestows excellent health, education, and intellect, defeats foes, and bestows wealth and prosperity on the possessor.

By wearing Gomed stone, one becomes fairly active and receives a promotion in the service. It can also provide the wearer with unexpected prosperity.

Complete astrology Guide of Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite gemstone is controlled by the strong planet Rahu in Vedic astrology. Rahu also brings good fortune to Taurus and Libra. It is expected to be robust and powerful in the eighth and ninth houses.  Rahu, according to some astrologers, is also potent in the first house.  Rahu’s impacts are felt between the ages of 42 and 48.

Rahu is assigned the number four in numerology and its effects are observed on those born on the 4, 13, 22, and 31 days of any month.

Origin of Hessonite Gemstone?

Burma: – They are discovered in the Mogok region, which is also known for its rubies, sapphires, and other jewels. It is uncommon since Burmese mines do not generate a large number of these stones.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka): Quality is inferior to Mogok’s.  Sri Lanka is also regarded as the leading producer of hessonite jewels. It is well-known for creating the highest quality clear, colorless zircons. These are gleaming and brilliant.

India: – Hessonite may be found in Kashmir, Kulu, Simla, Sindhu (Indus River), Nadi, and Bihar gem gravels. Bihar has mostly dull, dark brown, blackish crystals.

Australia (New South Wales), South Africa, Brazil, and the United States all have zircons.

Vedic Rituals for wearing Precious hessonite Gemstone

  • The weight of Hessonite should be determined by the individual’s weight.

  • Hessonite should be placed in an iron or steel ring. The rear of the mounting should be open so that the gemstone may touch the finger.

  • Two hours after sunset is the greatest time to wear hessonite. Wash it with holy water before putting it on for the first time.

  • After washing, lay the ring on a blue towel and draw the Rahu Yantra with roli or white sandalwood paste.

  • The Yantra to be drawn on cloth and etched on steel or iron plate is as follows:


This plate should then be cleansed in the same manner as the ring and put on the cloth with the Rahu Yantra drawn on it.

Rahu is also represented by the Hessonite ring, which offers light (ghee lamp), flowers, and the Rahu Mantra:

                        “OM RAM RAHUVE NAHAM OM“

Chant this Mantra for 108 times

Note – Know the importance of the Hessonite gemstone and the benefits this stone provides to its wearer. How to Wear Hessonite Stone Benefits, Price, and Origin

Where To Buy An Original Hessonite Gemstone?

The Hessonite gemstone generally known as Gomed Gemstone in Hindi or South Asian Countries is the Gemstone which comes in the red-brown hue. The Gomed Stone is Associated with the Planet Rahu and gives you many health and Astrological benefits of wearing this precious Gemstone. Such as It reduces the Evil Effect of the Rahu Planet reduces negative energy, boosts concentration, and focus, and also enhances the financial and social status.

The Hessonite gemstone is one of the most precious and powerful gemstones which comes under the Navratan Family the group of the 9 most precious and astrological powerful gemstones. This gemstone is now available in the online market you can buy this gemstone from online loose gemstone seller like Rashi Ratan Bhagya which has been a loose gemstone wholesaler since 1985, and deal in gemstone Red Coral, Ruby, Pearls, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and so many other precious and semi-precious gemstones at the best price in the world of gemstone and not only this if you buy from Rashi Ratan Bhagya they also give you lab tested gemstone along with the certification,

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