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Using technology to track your periods

by Uneeb Khan

You can do math on a piece of paper, but you still make use of the calculator, since it is more efficient, right? Similarly, you can track your period in the primitive way of writing things down on a paper, but when there are more efficient ways out there, why not explore those?

Why you should consider using technology for tracking your period 

First things first, tracking your period is important. Even if your cycle is perfect right now, you should invest in tracking your periods, as it offers many periods. 

The salient being that it helps in remembering your period duration and date. It then makes during period math easier in either case, if you want to get pregnant or avoid it altogether, both require careful tracking of the cycle. 

Moreover, it is when you track your cycle that you can tell when something is amiss and can then report it to your gynecologist in Lahore accordingly then. 

Furthermore, tracking periods also helps in finding your triggers for PMS, and their remedies, respectively as well. Similarly, tracking also aids in you becoming more attuned to your body as well. 

So, why technology?

Applications and other tech-related features make it easier for you to keep track of your cycle. Often, we tend to forget things like recalling the precise date, the patterns etc. Technology can help you in logging these details whilst also helping you recall. Moreover, having all your period-related information at one place can be very convenient as well. 

There are several applications that you can explore for to track your periods. 

Applications to track your period 

Primitive method: Using notes and calendar 

Some women are wary about using applications due to their data privacy concerns, which are legitimate. What you can do then is rather than doing third-party applications, utilize the primitive applications in the phone, like notes, calendar, and alarms. 

You can then log all the pertinent information in your notes, including your symptoms, flow, experience overall. You can utilize your calendar to remember dates and set reminders for yourself accordingly. You can also use the alarm and reminder features to remind yourself of things like logging information and remember any pertinent things like taking your pills. 


Flo is an application for both, iOS, and android. It allows women to keep track of their cycle alongside their mood, sex drive, sleep, cramps, bloating and even their flow. Hence, the information gathered is rather comprehensive. 

Other features of Flo include predicting the ovulation date. It also notifies you if your periods are late. Moreover, it also has an active community, so you can share your problems with others and get valuable counsel from them. 


Another period tracking app that you can try is Clue. It gives forecast of around next three months, so you have a better idea of your period date. It also allows you to track your mood, period, exercise, and other health information. 

One thing that sets clue apart from other application is that it offers a lot of information via its blog and podcast. It also is more inclusive as well. 


Eve is focused more on the sexual health, which closely ties to periods. It helps women understand their symptoms better, which can then influence their sexual activity as well; naturally, those not wanting to get pregnant need to track their cycle. 


Glow has a slightly different intent; although the focus is still tracking period, but the purpose is greatly intent on tracking fertility. It helps women understand their ovulation symptoms better, which is very important for in their journey of conceiving. 

Furthermore, it also helps women through their postpartum journey, where the bleeding is different from the usual periods. This does not mean that application fails on other account; it still helps women track the usual period symptoms like weight, basal temperature, vaginal discharge etc., and any disparities can then be reported to the gynecologist then. 

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