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Understanding Different Types of Berger’s Wall Paint Finishes

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Understanding Different Types of Berger's Wall Paint Finishes

Berger Paint offers a wide range of wall paint finishes. Whether looking for a one-color effect, a subtle or something vibrant and bold, wall paints can offer you everything you dream about. They can be used in numerous ways, some of which include:

  • Painting an entire room
  • Painting over existing surfaces or wallpaper

However, each design offers a distinct feel and look to the exterior and interior space. These finishes will boost the visual appeal and ensure it draws everyone’s attention. Along with discussing the different types of Berger’s wall paint finishes, we will also share information on factors to consider when choosing a wall paint.

Surface condition and material

If your priority includes painting an interior surface, look for a wall color paint that can hold moisture and other elements. Users should look for wall paint types that can withstand weathering and UV rays if they paint an exterior surface.

Health and environmental consideration

Professional claims that the availability of VOCs in the wall paint color can cause numerous issues, including respiratory issues, eye irritation, and other health issues. Consider choosing eco-friendly types of paint and wall colors.

Types of wall-paint finishes

Interior wall paint

Oil-based paint

This type of paint doesn’t dry up easily but provides better durability and coverage. It’s a great way of adding charm to your house.

Water-based paint

People won’t face any issues applying them, and they also dry quickly, making this paint the ideal solution for DIY projects. Moreover, the odor is also low compared to oil-based paints.

Matte paints

These paints are the best solution for bathrooms and kitchens as they offer an easy-to-clean smooth surface, ensuring no smudges or fingerprints are left behind.

Satin paints

This express painting comes with a medium gloss finish and is the best pick for a bathroom and bedroom as they are moisture-resistant.

Exterior wall paints

Acrylic paint

This type of paint is ideal for exterior walls as they don’t get cracked or peeled. However, users can consider using it on numerous surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, etc.

Elastomeric paints

This type of paint is claimed to have a strong elasticity that makes it the perfect pick for exterior use, making it resistant to peeling or cracking from different temperatures.

Textured paint

These are the bestsellers from Berger, as they are the perfect example of modern interiors and can be used on their own or attached to an existing design.

Stucco paints

This type of paint can be used to cover up uneven surfaces like concrete or old brick. Along with offering strength, they also offer a rough texture.


Whether an uneven surface or a broken wall, Berger Paint has a modern solution to all issues. These paints will add color and charm to your house and offer additional strength to withstand numerous weather conditions.

However, Berger Paint offers different colors and textures; users must choose one depending on their needs and requirements. Additionally, these paints don’t require high maintenance and frequent cleaning.

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