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Types of Custom Retail Packaging Available Today

by Uneeb Khan
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One day as I was leaving for my grocery shopping, my nine-year-old insisted on coming along as she had to make a list of custom retail packaging available for customers today. I took her along, and we decided to take notes in her notebook and my mobile and then compile this information together later. I had never given custom retail packaging much thought before. But, as I observed the aisles, there were shelves and shelves of products, each packaged differently than the other. It is then why I realized that custom cardboard packaging is utilized in almost every industry. As I asked the sales reps around, they informed me that these custom boxes were ideal for protecting the products inside. Since these boxes are also print-friendly, companies use them for branding their product and developing their signature identities.

Tuck Top Packaging Style

We started with the freshly baked section, which also displayed collections of assorted donuts in tuck top boxes. These boxes also have a window-patching option. It allows customers to look at the product before purchasing them. I think many customers love this feature because it is seen on almost every edible product. These tuck top boxes were manufactured in food-grade stocks that did not harm food packed inside. But the look and feel of every such box were different from other brands. The food companies had used premium offset printing techniques to give a distinct look to their signature custom tuck top boxes. This way their products can easily be identified by the customers on the shelves. I prefer a certain brand of donuts myself and always look for them on the shelves. I only switch to a substitute if I can’t find what I’m looking for on the shelves.

Reverse Tuck Packaging Style

Custom reverse tuck packaging boxes are not the only ones used in packaging the products. As we moved to the skincare section, the packaging styles, shapes, dimensions, and trends changed.  Here advertising and branding were more noticeable on the custom cardboard boxes. Moreover, various revered names in the industry were sitting side by side on the shelves each calling out to their target audiences and trying to lure more customers.

The custom cardboard boxes had different themes according to the product specification or the demographics they were aiming for. The skincare products that were for women were mostly in vivid colors. The products aimed at men are packaged in custom cardboard packaging boxes bearing white, blue, or black shades. Moreover, just by looking at the retail custom packaging, customers could easily differentiate them.

As we moved to the gifts section, we observed new custom retail packaging. This is referred to as custom rigid packaging in the packaging and the retail industry. Custom rigid packaging boxes are crafted from superior cardboard stocks.

Did you know that most of the trending videos that show the unboxing of products often include custom rigid boxes? It is these boxes that provide a unique and memorable brand experience to its customers and recipients. These boxes are not a cost-friendly option for the brands. Therefore, apart from the heritage and premium brands, they are used for packaging limited stocks. This packaging gets very popular during the holiday season. Many companies market their products in this packaging type and target a niche market. Other details like customized buttons, balloons, ribbon, and stickers add to the appeal of these boxes. In addition, Custom printed sleeve boxes are the epitome of sophistication and class in retail packaging solutions. 

Manufacturing Company

They are used by companies that manufacture and/or market skincare products, jewelry items, perfumes, chocolates, candles, crockery, premium coffee brands, fashion labels, etc.  Moreover, every company tailors a different layout, design and theme for its packaging box according to its products’ and corporate needs.

If you are a brand looking for custom retail packaging that can attract more customers and guarantee the protection of products packaged inside, get in touch with ClipnBox right away.

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