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Train Your Way to Better Breathing

by Yasir Asif

Breathing training strengthens respiratory muscles and can improve your breathing rhythm, heart health and overall well-being. It also helps boost your Vo2 max, which is used to measure your cardiovascular endurance.

The way you breathe impacts heart rate, blood pressure and even the parasympathetic “rest and restore” portion of your nervous system that can help you relax, go to sleep and more.

Increased Oxygen Levels

Breathing training can help to improve your body’s oxygen levels. This can increase your stamina and allow you to perform exercises for longer periods of time. It also helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid that is produced during exercise.

Studies have shown that breathing exercises can help to lower blood pressure and boost heart health. These are similar to the effects of taking certain medications to treat high blood pressure.

Some brands of breathing trainers like POWERbreathe claim that they can increase an athlete’s Vo2 Max by strengthening the respiratory muscles. This is similar to how weight training can help strengthen other muscles in the body.

However, it’s important to note that these devices do not replace regular exercise. They can only improve a person’s Vo2 Max if they use them regularly. The most effective way to see a boost in Vo2 Max is by engaging in regular aerobic activity and strength training.

Reduced Stress

Breathing exercises that focus on deep, controlled breathing can help people feel less anxious. This is largely because the process of bringing in oxygen and then pushing it out again triggers physiological relaxation responses.

It also slows down heart rate and blood pressure. The effect can be quite long-lasting if you do the breathing exercises daily. This is why a breathing trainer can be so useful for those who have high levels of stress or anxiety, and even for those with bronchitis or asthma.

While it may seem difficult to find a quiet place for breathing training during your busy day, this type of exercise can be done almost anywhere, including during meetings and errands. Plus, unlike smoke breaks, breathing exercises don’t require any special equipment. All you need is a quiet space and your breaths. You can even schedule a breathing break every couple of hours to reset your day and feel calmer. The best part is that it only takes a minute.

Improved Sleep

Insomnia is a major problem for many people. If you struggle with insomnia, try incorporating breathing exercises for sleep into your routine. The 4-7-8 method based on yogic breathing, in which you inhale through the nose for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of seven and exhale for a count of eight, will help you fall asleep faster and improve your quality of sleep.

In addition, daily breathing training retrains your brain to eliminate bad breathing habits that contribute to poor sleep, snoring and overall health issues. Breath training is a powerful tool for combating sleep disorders, and it can also be used to manage stress and anxiety.

Lastly, breathing training can enhance your running performance by strengthening the inspiratory muscles. This will improve your oxygen delivery and allow you to run longer distances. It also reduces the amount of work your muscles need to do to breathe, which in turn decreases muscle fatigue and inflammation after long runs.

Better Overall Health

The results of a new study indicate that routine breath training can help to promote heart health and reduce blood pressure. Researchers found that people who use resistance breathing regularly see a reduction in blood pressure comparable to that achieved with daily exercise or by using common blood pressure medications.

Most breathing trainers provide a level of resistance during the inhale and exhale phases of breathing, which strengthens the muscles that use air over time. They can be used as a standalone exercise, and generally take up to five minutes a day to complete.

Breathing trainers are often marketed to athletes, and companies like Powerbreathe and Airofit claim their products can boost sports performance by strengthening the muscles that breathe. But what objective evidence exists that these devices actually work? We took a closer look.

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